10 Biggest Bathroom Hacks to Remember

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Grapefruit Tub Cleaner  Instead of sponges wetted with chemicals, consider using a grapefruit. Its natural acids clean just as well, without irritating the skin, and gives a nice smell afterwards.

Coke in the Toilet Bowl.   A classic trick of custodians all over the world, a dash of Coca-Cola (or any other soft drink) in your toilet bowl cleaning solution will greatly improve its effectiveness.   The acid works wonder at removing stains; just remember to rinse with water application.

Petroleum Plunger Plug.  A little petroleum jelly around the edge of your plunger will help it stick firmly in the toilet, giving it better suction and improving its lifespan.

  • Hang An Extra Shower Curtain Rod.     Tired of bottles, tubes, soap, and toys slipping off shelves and all over the shower floor? Easy fix!   Buy another curtain rod and install it on the back wall of your shower and hang baskets from it. Everyone can have their own basket!

Magnet Strips for Bobby Pins.   Bobby pins have an unfortunate tendency to just sort of be everywhere, except, of course, for when you need one.   Attaching them to a weak magnetic strip pasted to your wall can save you time and frustration.

  • Use Curtains To Highlight Your Tub.   Boring bathroom? Step it up a notch by hanging curtains near the ceiling around your bathtub. It’ll instantly give a touch of class to an otherwise yawn-worthy bathroom.