Articles On The Smallest Dogs – Which One Is The Smallest Dog In The World


I will put this notice on my post from now on, every time that I copy a post from Facebook, so all of my readers will know that this is not my work, but that of someone else. This, like so many of my posts have, came from Facebook. This is a YouTube video that I found on Facebook. It is about the world’s smallest dogs. I found it interesting.


Published on Jul 10, 2013

Smallest Dog in The World, Her name is Hope, shes 4 months old and she is a poodle. She weighed 31 grams at birth and now she is over 4 months old weighing 11 ounces.. The world record 2 lbs , our vet says she will be lucky to hit 13 ounces;-) She is born with dwarfisim and usualy they do not survive past 48 hours.. but she’s a fighter and look at her today 😉
Hope’s next video will be posted on August 10th 2013.

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