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The Only Spot Remover You Will Ever Need

The Only Spot Remover You Will Ever Need

A lot of you probably already know that you can use a grease-fighting dish soap to help with grease stains, but this easy concoction takes it up a notch…

DIY-stain-remover- #1


Stains that would not come out with other methods and cleaners came out completely with this spot remover. Try this spot remover on: yellow underarm stains, blood stains, grease stains, poop stains, baby food stains, cutting board stains, and much more!

Plus, it is cheap! You probably already have everything you need to make it right now.

Do you keep baking soda in your fridge for odors? After your baking soda has soaked up all the odors that it can, give it a second life and put it to work in this cleaning mixture.

DIY-stain-remover- #2


Mix the 3 ingredients together in a small bowl. I just mix up a small amount each time I have a few stains to treat because the hydrogen peroxide may become less effective when exposed to light.

DIY-stain-remover- #3


Little bowls like these custard cups would work great and come in handy for all sorts of other things in the kitchen!

DIY-stain-remover- #4


Use a small brush to scrub the mixture into the stained area. I use an old toothbrush. Then rinse, if desired. Launder as usual.

For tough stains, you can let the mixture sit on the garment for an hour or so, then launder as usual. Or treat the area a few times before laundering. This often even works on old stains that have even already been set!

DIY-stain-remover- #5


For this lovely stain, we let it sit for a few minutes after the first treatment, rinsed, then we treated it again and let it sit for another little while. After laundering as normal, the stain is completely gone!

DIY-stain-remover- #6


I searched on Google for homemade laundry stain remover, and this was what I found. It sounds pretty good to me. I am going to try it the next time I do laundry. If it works, then I will have an alternative to having to buy stain remover, and an added bonus that I am able to use all of the ingredients for other things as well. I will post an update to let you know how it worked for me.  This was on the   website


6 Signs You’re Not Giving Your Dog Enough Love

This is a very informative article about man’s best friend – his dog. Many things are pointed out in this article dealing with the love and attention that we give our best friend. I thought that it was informative enough for me to copy and share it with my readers.

6 Signs You’re Not Giving Your Dog Enough Love

by Bryant, Carol    on website

Are You Giving Your Dog Enough Love?

Dog Enough Love #1

Life happens. Even the most devoted pet parent can get bogged down with running the kids to afterschool activities, stressing out about work and spending way too much time tapping on smartphones. And when the stresses of life take over, sometimes the family dog is the one who suffers the most.

Watch out for these 6 warnings that may signal you’re not showing your dog enough love.

Image: mirela bk via Shutterstock

Your Dog Sleeps All the Time

Dog Enough Love #2


Dogs need mental stimulation and exercise to live a long, healthy life. The adage that we do not stop playing because we grow old, but we grow old because we stop playing holds true with our canine counterparts. If your dog spends most of the day snoozing, it might mean he just needs more attention. Set aside time every day for a special training session or some indoor playtime to boost his energy and strengthen your bond.

Image: nancy dressel via Shutterstock

Your Dog Shows Signs of Depression

Dog Enough Love #3


Yes, even dogs can get the blues. Are you addicted to a cell phone, tablet or computer? Does that addiction mean less time for playing, walks or tummy rubs for your dog? Some dog depression symptoms include a disinterest in food or play, destructive behavior, no longer greeting you at the door and suddenly having household accidents. Get outside, go somewhere, and spend some device-free quality time with your dog to brighten your dog’s spirits.

Image: Katoosha via Shutterstock

Your Dog Starts Misbehaving

Dog Enough Love #4



Sometimes a dog that is having emotional stress or feeling depressed will urinate and/or defecate in the house. If your dog suddenly starts having these symptoms, seek veterinary help to rule out any underlying medical condition. Bored dogs might also occupy themselves by chewing on furniture, digging in the garbage can or barking incessantly. If your dog suddenly shows signs of bad behavior, he likely needs some attention.

Image: Anneka via Shutterstock

Your Dog Has Put on Weight

Dog Enough Love #5

Even though he might want you to think otherwise, the way to a dog’s heart is definitely not through his stomach. Dogs are not able to freely use the refrigerator or dial a pizza delivery service. If your dog is overweight, it is a definitely a “you caused it” issue. Giving your dog extra treats should never be a substitute for spending quality time together. Monitoring your dog’s daily calorie intake is an essential part of being a good pet parent, so spend time making sure your pooch is getting the nutrition he needs.


Image: taro911 Photographer via Shutterstock

Your Dog’s Nails Are Extra Long

Dog Enough Love #6

If your dog’s nails could give Wolverine a run for his money, you definitely aren’t providing proper care to your pup. A dog who walks often—especially on sidewalks—has nails that file naturally. And trimming your dog’s nails should be part of a regular grooming regimen. If your dog’s paws look more like claws, you’ve probably been slacking on your pet parenting duties.

Image: Peter J. Wilson via Shutterstock

Your Dog Won’t Eat

Dog Enough Love #7

If a dog stops eating, it’s a red flag that no pet parent should ignore. While a visit to the vet is essential in this instance to rule out physical problems, dogs that stop eating may be exhibiting emotional distress as well. Depression in dogs can lead to reduced appetite and signal that your dog is looking for more love in his life. Make a dinner date a few times a week with your dog and vow to spend an hour or so after your both done eating to catch up, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Carol Bryant is the PR and marketing manager for BlogPaws, a Pet360 partner company. She also maintains her own canine-centric blog,

Image: 135pixels via Shutterstock

“Peace Day” – August 21, 2015 – McWhopper Fiasco

I just read an article, about the McWhopper Fiasco, on my friend’s website, Tasty Here is the link.

The story is about a proposal from Burger King to McDonald’s, for them to come together as friends and not rivals on “Peace Day” 2015. The article goes into detail about the proposal and my friend’s reactions to McDonald’s response.

After reading the article, I could not help but to remember about a similar incident in a movie. Many many people love and watch this movie, every year at Thanksgiving, without fail. I wrote a paragraph about it below, as the best example that I could think of to demonstrate two rivals coming together for a common cause.

In the movie “Miracle On 34th Street”, two of the biggest stores in New York, Macy’s and Gimbel’s, came together and started operating as friends instead of enemies. I say as friends, because they didn’t actually merge in the movie, they would just tell their customers if the other store was selling an item that they did not carry, or that they were out of at the time. In the movie, Macy’s did not have a pair of roller skates that a little girl told the Macy’s Santa that she wanted for Christmas. Well. The Santa knew that Gimbel’s had them for sale. He was able to get the Mother away from the little girl and tell her where to find the skates. When the word got out about the “helpful” Santa at Macy’s, Gimbel’s decided to approach Macy’s and see if the two stores could start telling their customers which store had what items for sale. Let’s say, (I’m saying this, it wasn’t in the movie) Macy’s would tell their customer if Gimbel’s had bedroom slippers for the man of the house that they didn’t have, and Gimbel’s would tell their customer if Macy’s had a particular nightie that they didn’t have. They were working together peacefully as friends instead of enemies.

“Peace Day” is a very important start to what could be a world changing event. It is possible that “Peace Day” could one day be observed and celebrated in many countries all over the world. Wouldn’t that be something? If other countries were to celebrate a day of the observance of peace. A day where, for at least a period of 24 hours, there were no gun shots, no bombs, no grenades, no torpedoes, or any other explosive device being shot off, and no screams from stabbings. If there was absolute quiet from these types of noises

I am a dreamer and an optimist. My dreams would take it a step further and visualize all of the countries that observed “Peace Day” liking it so much that they would see just how long the peace could or would last.  It would be a nice thing to measure how many days or weeks or months that could pass without the horrible noises. If everybody would realize that it’s the violence that kills so many people, then there could absolutely be a change toward world peace. Just think about how many families and whole communities and possibly even civilizations have been wiped out due to the violence. It is my hope and prayer that “Peace Day” will continue for many many years.

Rare Phenomenon In South Carolina on August 19, 2015

When You See What Just Appeared In The Sky Over South Carolina Your Jaw Will Hit The Floor.


Fire rainbows are very rarely seen since they require very specific conditions to exist.

Fire Rainbow in South Carolina - #2 - on 8-19-15


They only appear when the sun is at a 58-degree angle or higher.

Fire Rainbow in South Carolina - #3 - on 8-19-15


What you are actually seeing is the lower part of the sun’s halo as it runs along the horizon.

Fire Rainbow in South Carolina - #4 - on 8-19-15


Have you ever seen anything this beautiful?

Fire Rainbow in South Carolina - #5 - on 8-19-15


Some bystanders said that the stunning beauty of the fire rainbow reminded them of dear friends and loved ones they had lost. Looking at these pictures, I can understand why. What a truly a special thing to experience!

Tell your friends about this and remind them that there’s still magic in the world.

The Five Finger Prayer



I will put this notice on my post from now on, every time that I copy a post from Facebook, so all of my readers will know that this is not my work, but that of someone else. This, like so many of my posts have, came from Facebook. The article was from Heidi Victorino‘s Photo and article. I thought it was just awesome.




Teaching Children to Pray: The Five Finger Prayer
Here’s how to do it:

1. The thumb is the closest finger to you. Pray for those who are close to you. Our parents, siblings, extended family and friends.

2. The pointer finger is next. Pray for those who teach you, instruct you and heal you. They need our prayers to help them help others.

3. The following finger is the tallest. Pray for our leaders and others in authority. Pray that God grant them guidance. For children, this may be their parents, too!

4. The fourth finger is the ring finger. It is the weakest finger. Pray for the weakest among you. The hurt, the lonely, the sick. Remember what Jesus said about “the least of these”? This is where you honor Him by praying for them.

5. And finally we have our smallest finger, the smallest of all. Your pinkie should remind you to pray for yourself. We gain perspective about our own needs when we put others first. That’s why we should pray for ourselves last.

The five finger prayer would also be adorable to pray with an infant in our arms as we are feeding, bathing or playing with them. Toes can work too!

  • You like this.

Mother Of Six Built Cool Laundry Room


I will put this notice on my post from now on, every time that I copy a post from Facebook, so all of my readers will know that this is not my work, but that of someone else. This, like so many of my posts have, came from Facebook. My soon to be niece had this on Facebook. It is a YouTube video and story. It is on the website

Mother Of Six Built What Is Quite Possibly The Coolest Laundry Room Ever…For Only $400

Ronda Batchelor was sick of her laundry room. She is a mother of six and is constantly doing laundry. For just about $400 and some serious ingenuity, Batchelor created a super efficient and highly function-able laundry room in her home.

The room is complete with six removable baskets that are housed in a cupboard style space.  The baskets hold each child’s folded laundry so the kids are able to just remove their basket, bring it to their room and put their laundry away.

The coolest part is probably the homemade dry racks Ronda made. She places her hand washables on the rack, slides them into the customer built slots in her wall, clicks a timer switch that activates a fan and viola…the clothes are dry in no time!

Super Addition To Kitchen Cabinetry and Other Useful Ideas


I saw these pictures on Facebook.  I just thought they were so useful and unique that I would share them here. I do not know who originally posted them. Just know that none of them are mine.


Addition to Kitchen

The picture below shows a really unique way to hide your kitchen trash can, yet have it handy.

Hiddsen Trash Can

The pictures below are from an ad I saw in a flyer that came in the mail. It was from Closets by Design and the phone number is 800-500-9230. I did not get permission to show these pictures and they are not a sponsor of any of my websites. The pictures are of walk-in closets, and kitchens. They are so compact in their designs that I wanted to keep this for future reference in case I ever have the opportunity to be involved in the building of a new house. One thing is for sure, I will call them and find out what I can about what they have to offer if the opportunity ever arises.



Now you may be wondering why I even posted these pictures to begin with. My purpose in posting these pictures is two fold. One, they are of home improvements that may interest other readers to my blogs. Two, they represent a portion of my dreams for the future.

Dreams and hopes are very important to people. If you can’t have hopes, and dream about them, for the future, many people would probably feel like what is the use. We as a society have basically been conditioned since birth to never be satisfied with what you have accomplished. You should always strive for more. I’m not saying don’t be happy and proud of what you have accomplished. You should always be proud of your accomplishments. But if you don’t have any hopes and dreams for the future, then, basically, you no longer have the desire to thrive and live a full life.

I have heard all of my life, as long ago as I can remember that if you can’t have a goal to learn something new everyday, then you are giving up on life. Goals are made to achieve and to surpass with higher and loftier goals. Goals have to start out small, or it is likely that if you don’t accomplish any goals, then you will give up.

Believe it or not, even babies have “goals” so to speak as they are developing. True, these goals are usually accomplished with the help of parents, other family members, and friends. A  baby usually passes these milestones within the first 12-18 months of life. First they focus on things and start grabbing for them and then actually grasp them in their little hands. Then they get where they can hold their head up, and before you know it they are turning over. Next thing you know they are sitting up, and sort of fall over and start crawling. While they are crawling, they start pulling up on things and just standing in place. Next thing you know, they see something in the distance that they want and they try to take a step toward it. They fall down, pull up again and try it again and again. And before you know it, they are walking and then running. While all of this is going on they are also making sounds with their mouth, and the sounds start actually forming words, and next thing you know, the babies are talking. All of this was accomplished by goals that the babies are not even aware yet such a thing exists. I don’t know just how old a child has to be before they understand the concept of having goals, but all of us have them everyday. They are necessary for us to live so far as I am concerned. If I couldn’t make goals and have dreams about those goals, then i would be a very unhappy person.

That is why I have posted these pictures. I have a dream that if I ever win the lottery (I Know I have to play it first) I will have my dream house built. The unique things in these pictures are things that I want in my house. Not exactly, mind you, but very similar. At least the pictures give the people that will build my house an idea of what I want to be in the house and where to start.

Think about it. Never stop making goals, and never stop dreaming. they help you to live a happier life.



I Believe in Angels… but Could You Imagine Really Seeing One??!

I Believe in Angels… but Could You Imagine Really Seeing One??!


Angel with Man


Even when we know we’ll be rewarded with eternal paradise in the afterlife, death can still be pretty frightening. But the knowledge that angels are always watching over us – protecting us when we’re in great peril or waiting to usher us to heaven’s gates – gives one such great peace.


I Believe In Angels

Barbara was driving her six-year-old son, Benjamin, to his piano lesson. They were late, and Barbara was beginning to think she should have cancelled it. There was always so much to do, and Barbara, a night-duty nurse at the local hospital, had recently worked extra shifts. She was tired. The sleet storm and icy roads added to her tension. Maybe she should turn the car around.

“Mom!” Ben cried. “Look!” Just ahead, a car had lost control on a patch of ice. As Barbara tapped the brakes, the other car spun wildly rolled over, then crashed sideways into a telephone pole. Barbara pulled over, skidded to a stop and threw open her door. Thank goodness she was a nurse – she might be able to help these unfortunate passengers. Then she paused. What about Ben? She couldn’t take him with her. Little boys shouldn’t see scenes like the one she anticipated. But was it safe to leave him alone? What if their car were hit from behind?

For a brief moment Barbara considered going on her way. Someone else was sure to come along. No! “Ben, honey, promise me you’ll stay in the car!” “I will, Mommy,” he said as she ran, slipping and sliding toward the crash site. It was worse than she’d feared.

Two girls of high school age are in the car. One, the blond on the passenger side, was dead, killed on impact. The driver, however was still breathing. She was unconscious and pinned in the wreckage. Barbara quickly applied pressure to the wound in the teenager’s head while her practiced eye catalogued the other injuries. A broken leg, maybe two, along with probable internal bleeding. But if help came soon, the girl would live.

A trucker had pulled up and was calling for help on his cellular phone. Soon Barbara heard the ambulance sirens. A few moments later she surrendered her lonely post to rescue workers. “Good job,” one said as he examined the driver’s wounds. “You probably saved her life, ma’am.” Perhaps. But as Barbara walked back to her car a feeling of sadness overwhelmed her, especially for the family of the girl who had died. Their lives would never be the same. Oh, God, why do such things have to happen?

Slowly Barbara opened her car door. What should she tell Benjamin? He was staring at the crash site, his blue eyes huge. “Mom,” he whispered, “did you see it?” “See what, Honey?” she asked. “The angel, Mom! He came down from the sky while you were running to the car. And he opened the door, and he took that girl out.”

Barbara’s eyes filled with tears. “Which door, Ben?” “The passenger side. He took the girl’s hand, and they floated up to Heaven together” “What about the driver?” Ben shrugged. “I didn’t see anyone else.”

Later, Barbara was able to meet the families of the victims. They expressed their gratitude for the help she had provided. Barbara was able to give them something more – Ben’s vision.

There was no way he could have known what happened to either of the passengers. Nor could the passenger door have been opened; Barbara had seen its tangle of immovable steel herself. Yet Ben’s account brought consolation to a grieving family. Their daughter was safe in Heaven. And they would see her again.

– Author Unknown
Read more at angels-with-us


When They Demanded He Take Down His Flag, He Did THIS For All American Patriots

When They Demanded He Take Down His Flag, He Did THIS For All American Patriots

His Flag

Raising an American flag in front of your house or place of business is a right that everyone should take advantage of, and typically no one has a problem with people flying the red, white and blue.

But at this Daphne, Alabama BBQ competition, one owner was told to take his flag down.. apparently because of a city ordinance. He refused, and it’s caused quite the controversy.

Jeff Petkevicius, owner of Give It To God Competition BBQ began filming during the incident, telling the camera, “I was just told, once again… having a flag blowing there is an issue. I’ve been told a couple of times to take it down. And I said, ‘For the sake of America, I’m not taking it down, I’m leaving it up.”

He threatened to leave the competition if he was not allowed to raise the flag by the Kansas City Barbecue Society , the group supporting the competition. They said that a city ordinance forbid the flags, and Petkevicius decided enough was enough.

He took to twitter, criticizing the city for their handling of the incident. The mayor of the city responded, saying that there were “no such restrictions” on raising the American flag. In addition, he said that no city officials ever instructed any event organizers to take down flags.

The city apologized to Petkevicius for his troubles, and he apologized to the city for leaving such negative comments on social media.

So in the end, a peaceful resolution but a strong showing in the defense of the rights of Americans everywhere. Don’t let anyone tell you where and when you can fly your American flag!

He Was Told To Take Down American Flag