Bill Lawrence, Jr – June 13, 2015

Bill was very special indeed.

Inspired people that he would see.

Loved by his family and friends.

Laughed at his jokes when he chimed in.

Bill always had a smile on his face.

He was never out of place.

He fit in wherever he went.

Because he had so many friends.

Our hearts are sad and our eyes full of tears.

We have lost a friend of many years.

But with the good memories that we have,

We cannot stay very sad.

Only a shell in the grave will stay.

His spirit and soul went to Heaven straight away.

I know our heavenly Father above,

Will reach down and hold us, in His arms of love.

In our hearts peace will stay,

To help us get through each and every day.


Your Friends

In loving memory of William Roger Lawrence, Jr, “Bill, Bill”.

Whom was called home June 13, 2015.

Written by Bonnie Jean Hern