Carson September 3, 1988



Child like any parent would like.

Always doing what was right

Responsible for his young age.

Smart in every sense today.

Others liked him, that he would meet.

Never a bad word for any he would greet.

Carson is in Heaven today, a grand and glorious thing.

And I know you’re missing him, full of sorrow and in pain.

There’s not a thing I can say or do, any of these facts to ever change.

But just know your Heavenly Father is there, to help to bear your pain.

You did not bury your son that day.

But instead a shell in the grave does lay.

His soul to Heaven went straight away.

And his memory is here on earth to stay.

You did not tell your son “Good-Bye”,

Just, So long until we meet again”.

“We’ll see you in the bye and bye,

When we meet on Jordan’s Holy Land.”

Carson was a good child,

And it’s hard to let him go.

But with the memorial fund at his school,

His goodness, all that go there will know.

I wish there was something I could say or do,

To help to ease some of the hurt.

But since there’s not, just know that daily you’ll be in my prayers,

At home, at church, and at work.

Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

September 3, 1988 – In memory of Carson, who went to his Heavenly Father

on August 29, 1988, at the age of 13