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Uncle Bobby – August 13, 2013

Uncle Bobby

Unique in many ways.                                                                                                                       Never from problems did he turn away.                                                                                         Cared for his family, with his wife.                                                                                                   Loved them dearly, during happiness or strife.                                                                               Eternal walk he has begun.

Brave and gentle was this man.                                                                                                       Obviously loved by family and friends.                                                                                             Beautiful his wife of 56 years.                                                                                                           Bought a house they made their home.                                                                                           Yes, he was ready for God to call him home.

Uncle Bobby from this world has passed,                                                                                       To begin his Eternal walk at last.                                                                                                       He’s walking on the streets of gold,                                                                                                   All the mansions in Glory to behold.

Our hearts are sad and our eyes full of tears,                                                                                 For this loved one we’ve known for many years.                                                                             We really shouldn’t be so sad,                                                                                                           For we have fond memories to make us glad.

Only a shell in the grave will stay.                                                                                                     His spirit and soul went to Heaven straight away.                                                                           I know that our Heavenly Father above,                                                                                           Will reach down and hold us in His arms of love.

I’ll Love and Miss You                                                                                                                         Uncle Bobby,                                                                                                                                       Bonnie Jean

In loving memory of Robert Samuel Montague, SR                                                                         Whom his Lord called home August 13, 2013,                                                                          After being on this earth since March 6, 1934.



Little Sophia

This is a poem I wrote that went along with an article I did for It’s about a six week old little baby girl that went to be an angel on July 10, 2014. Read the article, and you will understand the poem better.

Baby Sophia - 1

These are some of the pictures that the Reddit community did after seeing the original picture of Little Sophia in the hospital.


Such a pretty baby.
Only loaned for such a short time.
Pleasure to have every day.
Happy that she was mine.
Incredible the impact she had.
Angel now for all time.

Even though she was only here for six short weeks,
Of my unconditional love for her,
It’s incredibly hard to speak.

The ache in my heart can not be filled.
I don’t know how long my soul will grieve.
My whole being with emptiness is stilled.

But she is with the Heavenly Father now.
He’s holding her in His mighty hands.
And that will give me peace right now.

With Love


Written July 17, 2014



I know you’ll miss your Mother,

Now that from this world she has passed.

But now she’ll be with your Father,

And in Heaven she’ll be happy at last.

For these last few years have been really hard,

And on you have left their mark.

Not on the outside, where others could see,

But deep down in your heart.

You’ve felt so helpless and been so sad,

Because there was nothing you could do.

But you wanted to help, oh so bad,

That it hurt you through and through.

Now, at last, there will be no more pain,

No longer will your Mother hurt.

Nothing will ever be the same,

Now that your Mother has started her Heaven’s work.

So you must not be lonely or sad,

Now that she is gone.

But remember the things that make you glad,

To help you get along.

I hope this helps to ease the pain,

Even if only in a small way.

For right now I’m feeling some of the same,

And this was all I could do or say.

With Love,

Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)

In memory of Alice Linville, who went to her Father on June 2, 1989.

This poem was published in Listen With Your Heart by Quill Books.

Uncle Danny 9-4-2014


Unique in many ways.

Never from problems did he turn away.,

Cared for his family through his adult life.

Loved them dearly during happiness  or strife.

Eternal walk he has begun.

Daily he did speak his mind.

Any place and any time.

Never knew he was going to pass.

Never knew the day it happened would be his last.

Yet he probably was still able to laugh.

Uncle Danny from this world has passed,

To begin his Eternal walk at last.

He’s walking on the streets of gold.

All the mansions in glory to behold.

Our heats are sad, our eyes full of tears,

For this loved one we’ve known for many years.

We really shouldn’t be so sad,

For we have fond memories to make us glad.

Only a shell in the grave will stay.

His spirit and soul went to Heaven straight away,

I know that our Heavenly Father above,

Will reach down and hold us in His arms of Love.

I’ll Love and   Miss You

Uncle Danny,

Bonnie Jean

               In loving memory of Daniel Edwin Montague,

                    Whom the Lord called home August 28, 2014.

Lagatha November 12, 1989


Lovely were the dolls she made.

Adorable the outfits in every way.

Giving happiness to others every day.

Always there with an uplifting smile.

Taking away your cares and troubles for a while.

Happy to go the extra mile.

Accepting and caring all the while.

Lagatha was so friendly and nice to be with.

Always gave you a much needed lift.

She was so very kind and neat.

A person you were glad to meat.

Always working on a new idea.

Using things that she’d find everywhere.

But now she has been called back home.

And left us feeling sad and alone.

But we really shouldn’t feel that way.

For only a shell in the grave will lay.

Now she’s started her eternal walk.

And face to face with her Lord she can talk.

And He’ll look down on us from above,

Ever holding us in His arms of love.

Love in Christ,

Amanda Joy

          In Memory of Lagatha Monroe,

          who started her walk November 11, 1989

     November 12, 1989

GRANNY August 27, 1978 Dec 26, 2012 @ 02:04


Grand as a second Mother, and as any Grandmother can be.

Responding to people’s needs around her, that she would see

Able to work well with children as she was a teacher

Never turning you away, but giving of advice like a preacher

Name of Nanny we gave her, when we were quite small

Yearning to be with her Lord, at the end her all in all

This was my Nanny as best as I can see.

I just hope she knew how much she meant to me.

Now I know she’s happy,

And no longer is she in pain,

For she’s in heaven with her Lord,

A grand and glorious thing.

Amanda Joy

August 27, 1978

In memory of my Nanny, whom the Lord called to be with Him

                     July 24, 1978

Father Rick December 31, 1988



Father of the parish.

All of the Parishioners he does cherish

Teaches them the Holy Word

Helps the word to be understood.

Ever ready in a time of need.

Ready to help with the need he sees.

Responds in such a special way.

Includes you when to the Lord he prays.

Cares about your hurt and pain.

Keeps helping you.

This is what, in Father Rick, I see.

And am very thankful for his help to me.

For me, my heart and soul he has touched.

At a time, for me, that’s very rough.

For he has listened, talked, and prayed,

Never once turning me away.

I know he had to have been busy at times,

But he never told me I had to wait in line.

He helped me to find inner peace,

When I alone could find no relief. Truly he’s a Man of God,

And will one day receive his just reward.

Love In Christ,

From One You’ve Helped

                    December 31, 1988

Carson September 3, 1988



Child like any parent would like.

Always doing what was right

Responsible for his young age.

Smart in every sense today.

Others liked him, that he would meet.

Never a bad word for any he would greet.

Carson is in Heaven today, a grand and glorious thing.

And I know you’re missing him, full of sorrow and in pain.

There’s not a thing I can say or do, any of these facts to ever change.

But just know your Heavenly Father is there, to help to bear your pain.

You did not bury your son that day.

But instead a shell in the grave does lay.

His soul to Heaven went straight away.

And his memory is here on earth to stay.

You did not tell your son “Good-Bye”,

Just, So long until we meet again”.

“We’ll see you in the bye and bye,

When we meet on Jordan’s Holy Land.”

Carson was a good child,

And it’s hard to let him go.

But with the memorial fund at his school,

His goodness, all that go there will know.

I wish there was something I could say or do,

To help to ease some of the hurt.

But since there’s not, just know that daily you’ll be in my prayers,

At home, at church, and at work.

Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

September 3, 1988 – In memory of Carson, who went to his Heavenly Father

on August 29, 1988, at the age of 13

Valerie October 15, 1988


Valiantly she fought the fight,

And now the race has been run.

Lovingly she lived her life.

Excellent example to her sons.

Respected by her family and friends.

Inspiration from the beginning to the very end.

Eternal life with Christ now to begin.

All who knew her will readily agree,

She was quite a trooper indeed.

A Christian mother and a Christian wife.

The path she chose for her walk in life.

Whenever you look behind,

Good memories of her will be on your mind.

There’s nothing that can be done or said,

To ease the heartache, sorrow and pain.

But you can always look ahead,

Knowing someday you’ll be together again.

You can lean on the Heavenly Father above,

As your burdens He helps you to bear,

Knowing His arms are open in love,

Any hour, any day, any where.

Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

                    In memory of Valerie Norsworthy, who began her eternal

                         walk with Christ October 11, 1988.

          October 15, 1988

Irene March 22, 1989


Inspiration to her family and friends.

Reaching out in love.

Eternal life ready to begin.

Now she’s with her Father above.

Ever present in memories of love.

Irene was very special,

To those who knew her most.

And has left behind fond memories,

To those who held her close.

Right now we are feeling the loss,

And it makes our hearts so sad.

But we should stop and dwell upon,

All the good memories that make us glad.

We really haven’t lost our friend,

For only a shell in the grave does stay.

Jesus has left His footprints,

Showing where He carried her away.

In Loving Memory,

Amanda Joy

                    March 22, 1989

          In memory of Irene Dunsil, who went to her Father February 3, 1989