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Pat March 10, 1990


“Pretty is as pretty does”, and you are pretty in every way.

Accepting a person, how their life was and however they are today.

Tenderheartedness is a great big plus, no matter what others may say.

Pat, you are so special to all that’s within me,

It’s hard to put it into words.

It’s like you’re right there inside me,

Trying to comfort all my hurts.

I knew it the first day I saw and talked to you,

The look that was in your eyes,

I’m so glad I let you through,

All I’ve tried for years to hide.

Now you’ll always be a part of my life,

And that’s a feeling that’s so good.

It’s a feeling that seems to be just right,

Like all good feelings should.

With Love,

Amanda Joy

          March 10, 1990

Priscilla June 15, 1992


Pretty Particular

Rambunctiously Robust

Inspiringly intelligent

Sensuously silly

Caringly Crazy

Intelligently ingenious

Lovingly laughable

Laughably lovable

Adorably anticipating

These are the qualities in Priscilla that one sees,

And I’m glad that she’s a friend to me.

She brightens one’s spirit when she enters the room,

Easily removing any traces of gloom.

Her attitude is always so cheery,

One can’t help but be merry.

So when things make you down and out,

She helps you be happy and not pout.

Amanda Joy

          June 15, 1992

Trust Department December 12, 1989


Truer friends cannot be found.

Regardless if you looked the world around.

Unselfish in so many ways.

Showing they care every day.

Taking time to bring love and joy my way.

Group, there’s no way I can tell you all that I’m feeling right now.

You’ve touched me in such a special way, I just can’t explain how.

There’s no way I can tell you all that your caring and concern means.

I’m just thankful that I’m lucky enough to be part of such a team.

It really means a lot to me to know I’ve got your support,

And I can hardly wait until I’m well and can return I’m glad to report.

So all I can say is thank you from deep down in my heart,

And that in my healing, your support is a very important part.

Thank You Again,

Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

          December 12, 1989

Lee November 17, 1989


Lovely is the person within.

Entertaining personality to your friends.

Exciting your company to be in.

You are someone nice and easy to talk to.

So people just really like to be with you.

This little note is being sent your way.

To say you’re thought of often, just like today.

We’re glad that from the hospital you are out.

And that you’ll be up and about.

From The Trust Gang,

Commerce National Bank

Written by Bonnie Jean Hern

whose pen name is Amanda Joy

          November 17, 1989

Mama May 10, 1971



M is for the mother you are

A is for the answers you give and get

M is for the many things you’ve done

A is for the family afternoons full of fun

Put them together and someone

special is there

Someone known as Mama

          May 10, 1971

Genola July 26, 1988


Graciously gives of her self and time

Everyone else to come first in line

Never have heard her to complain

Only praises on others to rain

Love to give in many ways

Abundant the joy comes in rays

Genola you are special indeed

Always there in time of need

Always ready someone else to cheer

Your love and happiness to share

Avery much loved and valued friend

Others a better way of life to help begin

Thank You for all you have already done

And for the help with the work in me that has begun


Amanda Joy

               July 26, 1988

A Friend September 1978


You came as a stranger, I let you in.

Instantly you became a friend.

You became a friend, not just in the passing,

But a friend everlasting.

There are things friends do, we do not understand.

But they had to be done for the time at hand.

You think they were done with not a care.

But they were done out of need and prayer.

We think they’re against us, but really they’re not.

They seem to have been done in haste,

But really there was a lot of thought.

It’s bad when things happen to end a friendship

But if both can’t understand

Then the friendship was just superficial to begin with

I hope you see what I’m trying to say

I have not really turned my friend away

I do not become a friend

Just for something to happen to make it end

A friend to me is a friend from the heart

And if the friendship ends, it’s on the other one’s part

          September 1978

Friends April 7, 1975


I miss our little friendly chats

When we talk & laugh about this or that

Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend

How almost strangers can be close friends

I hope you feel about the same

You seem more like an aunt than anything

I’ll let this poem end like that

Until once again we have our friendly chats

          April 7, 1975

A Special Friend December 31, 1973


You’ve been a special friend in so many ways.

I will not count the years and days.

Yes the time has really flown

And through the years our friendship has grown

There are many years still to come

And I pray our friendship will go on and on

I do not know where or when

But I know we’ll be together for at lease a little while again

There’s a special place set apart

For you and your family in my heart

I hope these thoughts will make you glad

for I wish you never to be sad

December 31, 1973

Father Rick December 31, 1988



Father of the parish.

All of the Parishioners he does cherish

Teaches them the Holy Word

Helps the word to be understood.

Ever ready in a time of need.

Ready to help with the need he sees.

Responds in such a special way.

Includes you when to the Lord he prays.

Cares about your hurt and pain.

Keeps helping you.

This is what, in Father Rick, I see.

And am very thankful for his help to me.

For me, my heart and soul he has touched.

At a time, for me, that’s very rough.

For he has listened, talked, and prayed,

Never once turning me away.

I know he had to have been busy at times,

But he never told me I had to wait in line.

He helped me to find inner peace,

When I alone could find no relief. Truly he’s a Man of God,

And will one day receive his just reward.

Love In Christ,

From One You’ve Helped

                    December 31, 1988