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The Girl Who Paints Heaven

The story about The Girl Who Paints Heaven is a very amazing story. Her name is Akiane Kramarik. Today is the first time that I have read anything about it. The video I watched was of her on the Katie show.

She is now 18, but has seen visions of Heaven, and started hearing Heavenly voices, since she was only four years old. The most amazing part to me is that both of her parents are self claimed atheists or agnostics, according to her Father Mark Kramarik. Also amazing is the fact that she had never even been told about God, Heaven, Jesus, or the Angels.

According to the video that I saw, some of her paintings are worth more that $1,000,000. She first started painting when she was 6 years old, but has been drawing since she was four. Her parents home schooled her. She would get up at 4:30 AM, and start painting at 5:00 AM , every morning, Monday thru Saturday, and do the art for about three hours. Her talent is awesome, considering that she is self taught on her painting abilities.

To date, she has done around 200 paintings.

I hope that you find this to be as awesome as I have.

Rare Phenomenon In South Carolina on August 19, 2015

When You See What Just Appeared In The Sky Over South Carolina Your Jaw Will Hit The Floor.


Fire rainbows are very rarely seen since they require very specific conditions to exist.

Fire Rainbow in South Carolina - #2 - on 8-19-15


They only appear when the sun is at a 58-degree angle or higher.

Fire Rainbow in South Carolina - #3 - on 8-19-15


What you are actually seeing is the lower part of the sun’s halo as it runs along the horizon.

Fire Rainbow in South Carolina - #4 - on 8-19-15


Have you ever seen anything this beautiful?

Fire Rainbow in South Carolina - #5 - on 8-19-15


Some bystanders said that the stunning beauty of the fire rainbow reminded them of dear friends and loved ones they had lost. Looking at these pictures, I can understand why. What a truly a special thing to experience!

Tell your friends about this and remind them that there’s still magic in the world.

Super Addition To Kitchen Cabinetry and Other Useful Ideas


I saw these pictures on Facebook.  I just thought they were so useful and unique that I would share them here. I do not know who originally posted them. Just know that none of them are mine.


Addition to Kitchen

The picture below shows a really unique way to hide your kitchen trash can, yet have it handy.

Hiddsen Trash Can

The pictures below are from an ad I saw in a flyer that came in the mail. It was from Closets by Design and the phone number is 800-500-9230. I did not get permission to show these pictures and they are not a sponsor of any of my websites. The pictures are of walk-in closets, and kitchens. They are so compact in their designs that I wanted to keep this for future reference in case I ever have the opportunity to be involved in the building of a new house. One thing is for sure, I will call them and find out what I can about what they have to offer if the opportunity ever arises.



Now you may be wondering why I even posted these pictures to begin with. My purpose in posting these pictures is two fold. One, they are of home improvements that may interest other readers to my blogs. Two, they represent a portion of my dreams for the future.

Dreams and hopes are very important to people. If you can’t have hopes, and dream about them, for the future, many people would probably feel like what is the use. We as a society have basically been conditioned since birth to never be satisfied with what you have accomplished. You should always strive for more. I’m not saying don’t be happy and proud of what you have accomplished. You should always be proud of your accomplishments. But if you don’t have any hopes and dreams for the future, then, basically, you no longer have the desire to thrive and live a full life.

I have heard all of my life, as long ago as I can remember that if you can’t have a goal to learn something new everyday, then you are giving up on life. Goals are made to achieve and to surpass with higher and loftier goals. Goals have to start out small, or it is likely that if you don’t accomplish any goals, then you will give up.

Believe it or not, even babies have “goals” so to speak as they are developing. True, these goals are usually accomplished with the help of parents, other family members, and friends. A  baby usually passes these milestones within the first 12-18 months of life. First they focus on things and start grabbing for them and then actually grasp them in their little hands. Then they get where they can hold their head up, and before you know it they are turning over. Next thing you know they are sitting up, and sort of fall over and start crawling. While they are crawling, they start pulling up on things and just standing in place. Next thing you know, they see something in the distance that they want and they try to take a step toward it. They fall down, pull up again and try it again and again. And before you know it, they are walking and then running. While all of this is going on they are also making sounds with their mouth, and the sounds start actually forming words, and next thing you know, the babies are talking. All of this was accomplished by goals that the babies are not even aware yet such a thing exists. I don’t know just how old a child has to be before they understand the concept of having goals, but all of us have them everyday. They are necessary for us to live so far as I am concerned. If I couldn’t make goals and have dreams about those goals, then i would be a very unhappy person.

That is why I have posted these pictures. I have a dream that if I ever win the lottery (I Know I have to play it first) I will have my dream house built. The unique things in these pictures are things that I want in my house. Not exactly, mind you, but very similar. At least the pictures give the people that will build my house an idea of what I want to be in the house and where to start.

Think about it. Never stop making goals, and never stop dreaming. they help you to live a happier life.



I Believe in Angels… but Could You Imagine Really Seeing One??!

I Believe in Angels… but Could You Imagine Really Seeing One??!


Angel with Man


Even when we know we’ll be rewarded with eternal paradise in the afterlife, death can still be pretty frightening. But the knowledge that angels are always watching over us – protecting us when we’re in great peril or waiting to usher us to heaven’s gates – gives one such great peace.


I Believe In Angels

Barbara was driving her six-year-old son, Benjamin, to his piano lesson. They were late, and Barbara was beginning to think she should have cancelled it. There was always so much to do, and Barbara, a night-duty nurse at the local hospital, had recently worked extra shifts. She was tired. The sleet storm and icy roads added to her tension. Maybe she should turn the car around.

“Mom!” Ben cried. “Look!” Just ahead, a car had lost control on a patch of ice. As Barbara tapped the brakes, the other car spun wildly rolled over, then crashed sideways into a telephone pole. Barbara pulled over, skidded to a stop and threw open her door. Thank goodness she was a nurse – she might be able to help these unfortunate passengers. Then she paused. What about Ben? She couldn’t take him with her. Little boys shouldn’t see scenes like the one she anticipated. But was it safe to leave him alone? What if their car were hit from behind?

For a brief moment Barbara considered going on her way. Someone else was sure to come along. No! “Ben, honey, promise me you’ll stay in the car!” “I will, Mommy,” he said as she ran, slipping and sliding toward the crash site. It was worse than she’d feared.

Two girls of high school age are in the car. One, the blond on the passenger side, was dead, killed on impact. The driver, however was still breathing. She was unconscious and pinned in the wreckage. Barbara quickly applied pressure to the wound in the teenager’s head while her practiced eye catalogued the other injuries. A broken leg, maybe two, along with probable internal bleeding. But if help came soon, the girl would live.

A trucker had pulled up and was calling for help on his cellular phone. Soon Barbara heard the ambulance sirens. A few moments later she surrendered her lonely post to rescue workers. “Good job,” one said as he examined the driver’s wounds. “You probably saved her life, ma’am.” Perhaps. But as Barbara walked back to her car a feeling of sadness overwhelmed her, especially for the family of the girl who had died. Their lives would never be the same. Oh, God, why do such things have to happen?

Slowly Barbara opened her car door. What should she tell Benjamin? He was staring at the crash site, his blue eyes huge. “Mom,” he whispered, “did you see it?” “See what, Honey?” she asked. “The angel, Mom! He came down from the sky while you were running to the car. And he opened the door, and he took that girl out.”

Barbara’s eyes filled with tears. “Which door, Ben?” “The passenger side. He took the girl’s hand, and they floated up to Heaven together” “What about the driver?” Ben shrugged. “I didn’t see anyone else.”

Later, Barbara was able to meet the families of the victims. They expressed their gratitude for the help she had provided. Barbara was able to give them something more – Ben’s vision.

There was no way he could have known what happened to either of the passengers. Nor could the passenger door have been opened; Barbara had seen its tangle of immovable steel herself. Yet Ben’s account brought consolation to a grieving family. Their daughter was safe in Heaven. And they would see her again.

– Author Unknown
Read more at angels-with-us


Family Discovers Disgusting Secret Hiding In Their New Mattress.


Published on May 29, 2015

They will not be shopping at that store ever again after this chilling find. This is the horrible moment a family made a grim discovery inside a newly-purchased mattress.   is the website where this article is originally posted.


Up until now, I always thought that Beautyrest was up in the top mattress makers in the USA. After seeing this, I will not ever buy a Beautyrest Mattress. Not only will I not but a Beautyrest Mattress myself, but I will tell all of my friends not to but one, and to pass the word around what their practice is. Their practice is to cover old disgusting mattresses with new tops and sell them as new mattresses. I also have a website where I try to pass on interesting, informative, and/or important information to my readers. This will definitely be on it, along with the video. Even though the people are speaking Spanish, you can tell from the video exactly what they are talking about. This is just a disgrace for any company to have such shady and disreputable practices as what I have just seen. I hope they get hit with a huge fine and a really bad review from the Better Business Bureau!!!!!

I felt this was important enough to copy in its’ entirety.


Family Discovers Disgusting Secret Hiding In Their New Mattress.

I Feel Sick!


New Mattress

When you buy a new product, you expect a NEW product. Unfortunately for some like the family featured below, new doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.

Watch as this Spanish-speaking family opens up a bright new mattress – when you see what they found inside, you’ll want to throw up!

They pulled off the protective wrapping of their “brand-new” mattress, and it really looks beautiful and actually well, new. But once they got a whiff of the abhorrent smell emanating from the mattress, they knew something was definitely wrong.

So they started pulling it apart and someone grabbed the video camera – luckily they were able to document the whole experience.

On the inside of the mattress they found mold, mildew and all sorts of disgusting junk. They kept removing the padding and found that this wasn’t a new mattress at all, just an old disgusting one with a new coat of paint – or in this case, a mattress cover.

Deceitful business practices like this are unacceptable in every case – it’s insane that the company even thought that they could get away with this scheme. Unfortunately for them, most people have noses though.

What do you think should happen to the company that decided to try and sell such a horrible product? Sound off in the comments!


All About That Spay


This is so unique and very important for people to pay attention to, especially if they have unaltered pets. There is a way to prevent massive numbers of animals (over 3,000,000) from being put down each year. That way is to prevent them from ever even being born by having your pet fixed. This is a cute video and song about it.  I copied the whole thing.


Cleburne veterinarian delivers musical message: Click to watch video

Related YouTube Video

Posted: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 3:58 pm

A Cleburne veterinarian is bringing awareness to pet overpopulation in a YouTube video she released last week.

The song, “All About That Spay,” parodies Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” and features Dr. Renee Brockett and her veterinary technicians from Nolan River Animal Hospital, singing and dancing as they warn about the consequences of not spaying or neutering your pets.

Brockett said the idea for the parody just popped into her head one day.

“‘All About That Bass’ was very popular; my kids were always singing it and it just gets stuck in your head,” Brockett said. “One time instead of ‘all about that bass,’ ‘all about that spay’ just popped into my head. I started putting pen to paper and within a week I had a pretty good version of the song written out.”

Brockett said her husband, Josh, helped with some of the wording.

“We had to get the right number of syllables and the rhyming down and that took a couple of weeks,” she said. “We were thinking about how we could do this and some people told us to keep it simple, but we went in the exact opposite direction. We wanted it to be done very professionally.”

Josh Brockett said the video only took four hours to film.

“We called Dick Gimble who has a recording studio at McLennan Community College down in Waco,” he said. “He played the bass in the video and brought in the other musicians. It was all a production around Renee’s voice; it was really her singing in the video.”

Josh Brockett said Troy Shaw, a videographer from Waco, filmed the video.

One Hour After Drinking Coca Cola


The following article, minus the pictures (I found them myself), was emailed to me by a friend. I thought the information was worth sharing.


Cans and Bottles of Coca Cola


Coca-cola-cans - 2

One Can Of Coca-Cola, One Hour: What Happens To Your Body After Drinking A Can Of Coke
By Rina Marie Doctor, Tech Times | August 1, 9:37 AM

An infographic about the effects of Coca-Cola after one hour of consumption is trending on social media. The said post contains information regarding the minute-by-minute actions happening inside the body the moment the famed fizzy beverage enters the human system.

The infographic was based on an article by health writer Wade Meredith. Without further ado, here are the mechanisms that happen to the body after drinking a can of coke:

10 minutes after consumption

Drinking a can of coke is equivalent to 10 heaping tablespoons of sugar, which is 100 percent more than the recommended daily intake. At the 10-minute mark, the body has welcomed the full amount of sugar mentioned. Wondering why vomiting, or even feeling nauseous, is not typically experienced despite the massive amounts of sugar consumed? This is because phosphoric acid tames down the flavor, preventing consumers from becoming sick of the overwhelming sweetness.

20 minutes after consumption

Sugar levels inside the body shoot up, causing a hormone called insulin to fire up. The liver reacts to this increase by turning excess sugar, which is quite abundant at this time, to fats.

40 minutes after consumption

Caffeine is absorbed into the body at this time. The body responds to this through pupil dilation and blood pressure elevation, which prompts the liver to release more sugar into the blood. The brain also becomes affected since the gates or receptors that receive adenosine, a central nervous system depressant, gets blocked. The said blockage causes individuals to stay “high.”

45 minutes after consumption

The dopamine levels inside the body increase, activating areas of the brain responsible for feelings of “pleasure.” The effect is said to be similar to that of heroin.

After 60 minutes of consumption

Multiple reactions happen within the body after an hour of consumption. The metabolism of the body shoots up as phosphoric acid attaches to calcium, magnesium and zinc found in the large intestine. Calcium levels within the body are then decreased as the elevated amounts of sugar boost its excretion via the urine.

Further diuresis will also take place, making people urinate more. The frequent urination or plentier amounts of urine excreted mean that water and electrolytes, which should head to the different parts of the body for nutrition, get dumped out of the body.

Sugar crash then follows as the elevated bodily actions start to wane. Individuals at this point become irritable, and all the water contained in the Coke also gets depleted, bringing with it all the electrolytes that should have been used by the body for nutrition.

Based on estimates, 1.6 billion servings of Coke are consumed all around the world daily. It is time to think about how much Coke has affected health worldwide.

8 Warning Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis


This was on my Facebook today July 28, 2015. I thought that this information could help a lot of people so I copied here on my website. I am not responsible for any of it’s contents or pictures. I just slightly rearranged where the pictures were. ********************************************************


8 Warning Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an uncertain disease: it can resemble other conditions, symptoms will fluctuate, and it’s often difficult to predict how it will progress. For some people, it hits early and follows a distinct pattern of pain, swelling and stiffness, but others struggle for years with misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments.

In any case, RA is more than just a joint problem, and it warrants a different plan of attack than other types of arthritis. Don’t wait for your body to break down to call your doctor – if you notice any of these suspicious symptoms, consult with a rheumatologist to check for RA.

1. Fatigue

Warning Signs of RA - Fatigue #1

Feeling sleepy is one thing, but an exhaustion that’s difficult to overcome is another issue altogether. Fatigue is one of the first signs that your autoimmune response is kicking into overdrive, and it can last for weeks or months before any other symptoms begin to pop up.

You may also notice a feeling of general malaise, and that physical discomfort can turn into an emotional burden. When does fatigue demand a visit to the doctor? If it goes on for more than two weeks, despite your efforts to get more rest and reduce stress, it’s time investigate further.

2. Swelling in the Knuckle Joints

Warning Signs of RA - Swelling In Knuckles - #2

Typically, RA causes the knuckles at the base of your fingers, and those in the middle of your fingers, to swell. While the swelling tends to happen in both hands, not every finger is necessarily affected, and it’s not always painful.

However, unlike other arthritic conditions, the swollen joints tend to be rosy and warm to the touch – a sign of the inflammation caused by RA – and they will be soft and tender rather than firm. Larger knuckles (knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows) can begin to swell, too; your doctor will consider an RA diagnosis if two or more joints are swollen and painful.

3. Pain in the Balls of the Feet

Warning Signs of RA -Pain In Balls Of Feet - #3

If you’re experiencing the strange and uncomfortable sensation of walking on hard bumps, your feet may be showing signs of RA inflammation. Swelling on the ball of the foot – that is, the cushioned part beneath the base of the toes – can hit as suddenly as knuckle swelling, but often is worse right after you get out of bed in the morning.

This pain on the soles of the feet isn’t quite like bunion pain (which often comes at the base of the big toe), or corns or blisters. Instead, it feels deep and continues whether or not you wear comfortable shoes.

4. Tingling in the Hands and Fingers

Warning Signs of RA -Tingling In Hands and Fingers - #4

RA is directly related to carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that affects the nerve pathways in the arms and wrists. The most common symptom is tingling or a numb sensation – similar to the feeling of “pins and needles,” or when you hit your funny bone.

The RA causes swelling in the hand and wrist joints, which then puts pressure on the nerves, making it uncomfortable to write, type or grip things. Though the sensation is often worse at night, it could hit at any time, and justifies a visit to the doctor. Be sure to explain any other suspicious symptoms that may point to RA, too.

5. Symmetrical Pain

Warning Signs of RA - Symmetrical Pain - #5

RA pain can come on fast, disappear, and then reappear in an entirely different place. However, in most cases, it hits both sides of the body simultaneously: each wrist may begin to ache, both ankles may be sore, or the knuckles on both your right and left hand may swell.
In contrast to the “wear and tear” of osteoarthritis that tends to affect a particularly stressed joint, RA joint pain stems from an autoimmune response that doesn’t align with overuse or trauma to the site.

6. Slow Healing

Warning Signs of RA - Slow Healing - #6

If you’re an active person, you’re probably used to feeling some aches and pains, but a sore wrist or ankle that goes on for weeks may be something more than a simple strain.

In fact, many younger people – who would never expect arthritis – experience sudden tenderness and swelling after an activity that leads to other sports therapy and even surgical treatment. Unfortunately, that could be a lot of pain, effort, and recovery for nothing if RA is at the root of the problem.

If you can’t trace your ache or swelling to a specific injury, or if it’s been a couple of weeks without improvement, ask your doctor about an arthritis test.

7. Morning Stiffness

Warning Signs of RA - Morning Stiffness - #7

Waking up stiff and achy could mean you’re getting sick or you’ve strained some muscles, but if it strikes the top of your wrists, elbows, or fingers, it may point to a deeper problem.

Morning stiffness is common in a few conditions, and though it can be a mild inconvenience, it tends to be more severe in those with RA. For instance, some gentle range of motion exercises can help stretch out the joints when osteoarthritis, but the morning stiffness in RA is generally more prominent and prolonged, often lasting longer than an hour.

Generally, the joints in your extremities will suffer the most; hip stiffness is more often associated with osteoarthritis.

8. Flu-Like Symptoms

Warning Signs of RA - Flu Like Symptoms - #8

Fatigue, low-grade fever and a vague feeling of discomfort are not uncommon in the early stages of RA. You may feel weak and unmotivated, and your mouth and eyes may feel dry, too. Sometimes these symptoms will come and go, or they could hang around for an extended period of time – signs that your body is in a state of inflammation.

If your fever is under 100°F and you also notice some pain and swelling in your joints, an RA flare may be right around the corner, and you should consult with a rheumatologist. On the other hand, a fever above 100°F typically points to an illness or infection, so track your symptoms closely in order to help your doctor reach the right diagnosis.

While an early diagnosis is important for any type of arthritis, it’s especially crucial for RA to be confirmed and treated as soon as possible. The longer you go without targeted treatment, the more harm your autoimmune response will cause – some aggressive forms of RA can permanently damage joints within one year. When you know what to look for, you stand a much better chance of catching the disease early and your rheumatologist can help you slow the progression of the disease.

Read more about rheumatoid arthritis symptoms over at NewLifeOutlook.

Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes Repellent

This really works! I was at a deck party awhile back, and the bugs were having a ball biting everyone. A man at the party sprayed the lawn and deck floor with Listerine, and the little demons disappeared. The next year I filled? A 4-ounce spray bottle and used it around my seat whenever I saw mosquitoes. And voila! That worked as well.. It worked at a picnic where we sprayed the area around the food table, the children’s swing area, and the standing water nearby. During the summer, I don’t leave home without it….Pass it on.

Mosquito Repellent




1. Safely Unclog A Drain
A great natural solution for unclogging the drain! Just drop four Alka-Seltzer tablets down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar and allow to stand for about ten minutes. Flush with a pot of boiling water. Doing this on a regular basis can help keep that drain clear. This also works to deodorize the drain.

2. Clean a Toilet In A Hurry
Drop two tablets in the toilet, wait 20 minutes for the citric acid to loosen the grime, scrub and flush. The bowl will be clean, shiny, and deodorized. Handy for a quick clean in case of uninvited, unannounced, surprise guests.

3. An All-Purpose Cleaner
Alka Seltzer can also be a good all around cleaner. Plop three tablets into 8 ounces of warm water. Once the fizzing stops, dip a sponge in the water (or you could fill a spray bottle) and wipe down counters, tiles and tubs. You can even place some in your sink and use as mop water. Just add five tablets to one half gallon of water.


4. Soothe Insect Bites
Drop two tablets in warm water, then soak a cotton ball in the solution. Place on the bite for 30 minutes for relief from the insect bites.

5. Catch a Fish
Fish love bubbles. Break a tablet in half and throw it out near your fishing line, or put a tablet inside your tube jig and cast off. The fish won’t be able to resist the stream of bubbles.

6. Remove Burnt On Food From Bakeware
Drop 5 tablets into a sink full of hot water and let your cookware soak for an hour or so. The burnt food will come off with ease.

7. Whiten and Brighten Your Laundry
To get rid of dingy yellow color on white cotton, soak your whites in a solution of a gallon of warm water and two Alka Seltzer tablets. Then hang your whites in the sun to dry to get rid of any lingering stains.


8. Deodorize the Fridge
For a clean, fresh smelling refrigerator, drop an Alka-Seltzer tablet in a cup of water and leave it in the refrigerator for a half hour. If there is still a smell in the refrigerator, then wash down the inside of the refrigerator with another Alka-Seltzer tablet in water.

9. Clean a Glass Jar, Flower Vase or Thermos
For those difficult to clean vessels with narrow-necks, and hard to reach places, drop two Alka-Seltzer tablets in, add hot water and swish it around until the tablets are dissolved and let it sit for an hour. Rinse, and the glass jar, vase or Thermos will be as clean as new.

10. Restore Stained Plastic Containers
Got spaghetti sauce stains on your plastic containers? Simply fill your container with warm to hot water and depending on the size drop 1-2 tablets into the water. Let sit for 30 minutes and the stains will disappear before your eyes.


11. Polish Your Jewelry
Drop two tablets in a bowl of warm water. Let your jewelry soak for about 20 minutes. It will look new again! (Note: This is not safe for pearls or opals.)

12. Build Rockets For Kids
Entertain little ones by heading outside with an empty film canister, filled halfway with warm water. Drop in half a tablet, snap on the lid and place the canister upside down on the sidewalk or driveway. Take a step back and watch your rocket blast off!

13. Clean Your Coffeemaker
Fill the water chamber of the coffeemaker and then drop in three tablets. When the Alka-Seltzer has dissolved, put the coffeemaker through a brew cycle. This will clean out all the internal components. Run through another plain water cycle before using the machine again for coffee.


14. Help For Nicotine Addiction
If you’re trying to quit smoking Alka-Seltzer can help. Take two tablets three times a day to relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms and curb cravings.

15. Cure Urinary Tract Infections
Showing signs of a urinary infection? Take two tablets in a glass of water as soon as you notice symptoms. Results are almost immediate. Keep in mind that Aspirin is a main ingredient in Alka-Seltzer so those with Aspirin allergies shouldn’t use it.

16. Clean and Deodorize A Cooler
After an outing or trip, add about 1 inch of water to the bottom of your cooler, drop 4 tablets in, and let sit for an hour. After an hour, rinse and dry. All smells will be gone and it will be clean and ready for its next use.


17. Clean Dentures
Drop an Alka-Seltzer tablet into a glass of warm water, and then drop your dentures into the glass for about ten minutes. The citric acid and carbonation will remove the toughest stains from your dentures and other prosthetic dental work. This is an excellent substitute for more expensive denture cleanser products.