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The Magical City

The Magical City

There once was a magical city.

The city, called Atlantis< was deep underwater.

People who lived there just knew it was paradise,

For this city was ever so pretty.

But some people did not do as they ought-a.

The bad people made the city not quite so nice.

One day a lady was talking to someone at home,

She was on the “President’s Team”,

And should have been given respect.

On this day there was one man who stood alone.

He talked to the lady really mean.

When she said he should apologize, the meaner he’d get.

Finally she had had enough of his mouth.

So the “Golden Guardians” were called.

When they came, his punishment he saw.

The order was given to cut his tongue out,

Then before others started to mouth off, they’d stall,

Or they too would be punished to the extent of the law.

The lady didn’t like what she had ordered to be done,

But to get her point across, this action had to be done.

Bonnie Jean




“Noble Eagle”, sad and crying

For all those people hurt and dying.

It was such a shock that fateful day,

For the terrorist attack on the USA.

Out of nowhere came the terrorist strike

The ball of fire, the blinding light.

The first tower had been hit,

The second one was hit just like it.

Then it happened, the first tower fell.

Then the second one went.

Oh, what a “day from hell”.

Next we heard the pentagon was hit,

With fire and smoke billowing from it.

And “Noble Eagle”, you saw it all.

When the fourth plane hit with another fire ball.

Our minds were reeling from all of the news.

The things that were happening on the terrorists queues.

But there were heroes on that fourth plane.

Who fought mightily, against the terrorist reign.

They knew that shortly they would probably die.

So they tried to guide the plane safely out of the sky.

Yes, it blew up, and all that were inside of it.

But it never did reach its original target.

So we’re sad for the heroes that we lost that day.

But they surely did die in an honorable way.


You Will Never Be Forgotten,

Misty Allan

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)

September 24, 2001




H earts were touched in an evil way.

E veryone will remember that day.

L ove is sent every time we pray.

P rayer helps us get through the day.

” I nfinite Justice” is what we say.

N ever cowering or turning away.

G iving in every imaginable way.


H ands stretched out around the world.

A llies agree on our every word.

N othing we want is misunderstood.

D emands are made against “terror-hood”.

S tates and countries all want what’s good.



This terrible act was against all mankind.

Showing in civilization some are behind.


For civil people don’t do those things.

The ones that pull at all heartstrings.


Now helping hands are trying so hard.

Tears are streaming in every yard.


Not just the USA was hit that day,

But every other country in some way.


But through the tears helping hands go out.

Letting us know what their hearts are about.


And even in this horror we will grow strong.

With all of the helping hands to guide us along.


With My Deepest Love,

Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)


September 24, 2001







E arning badges through the years.

A mazing the changes from boy to man.

G od is the center of his life.

L ove he gives to family and friends.

E veryone is important to him.


S incerity is a special trait.

C ompassion from the depths of his heart.

O thers are always in his life.

U nfairness is not a characteristic.

T ruth comes as a second nature.


For a Boy Scout to become an Eagle Scout

Takes years of hard work.

And for the boy to become a man

Is something you can look.


There are many who help, he cannot do it alone.

With his family and friends, it starts in his home.

When the journey first begins, he has to be sincere.

He knows the journey will last for quite a few years.


And when with this journey, he has reached the end,

The small little boy has become quite a man.



Aunt Bonnie


December 31, 2001



I  S E N D  Y O U  T H E S E  T H I N G S

I send you happiness, your day to start
I send you roses, straight from my heart
I send you the best songs anyone can sing
The memory of Nature’s songs in early spring
I send the warmth of a sunny day
The sweetness of the air after the rain’s gone away
I send the beauty of the prettiest flowers
The contentment of seeing Nature’s powers
I send you the wonder of an innocent child
That unquestioning faith when everything is wild
But most of all, because you’re my Mother
I send you the love I have for no other
Amanda Joy
This poem was published in the book “Outstanding Poets Of 1998”, by The National Library Of Poetry.



Fluffy is a very active cat,


Always in to this or that.

First she’s here; next she’s there

Scurrying, scurrying everywhere.

She’s jumped up on the shower door

Now she’s chasing a ball across the floor.

Next thing you know, she’s in your lap

Maybe she’ll settle down for a little nap.

But your hopes don’t last very long

You turned your head and now she’s gone.

By, Amanda Joy

Published in A Sun- Filled Dream by National Library Of Poetry, and also won the Editor’s Choice Award.



She cried and cried for the little bird

Such a pitiful cry I have never heard

This little bird was saved from the cat

And she was very happy about that

It chirped a little as she picked it up

And in her hands did gently cup

She stroked the feathered head

But did not know the bird was dead

She thought the bird had gone to sleep

When no longer she did hear a peep

She was given a little shovel and told a hole to dig

And to put the bird in it and cover it up because the bird was dead

She wondered why she put dirt all over this little bird

Just because a peep was no longer heard

Why cover it up when it’s just asleep

She wondered about it later and started to weep

Then she really started to cry

And wondered what it means to die

She cried and cried for the little bird

Such a pitiful cry I have never heard

Bonnie Jean

August 23, 1990

To a little 7 year old girl.

This poem won an Honorable Mention December 12, 1990 from the World Of Poetry.

A Cloud May 6, 1991


I’m so fluffy in the sky

Watching as the world goes by

Seeing the animals as they play

How they while the day away

The grass is like a velvet mat

Around where the flowers sat

The water is like a silver sheen

The prettiest ever to be seen

The mountains with their purple peeks

Up where birds and eagles sleep

The trees swaying with apparent ease

As they feel the evening’s breeze

The colors of the sunset seem to flow

Like the colors in the rainbow

Myriad colors in the day

Saying good night in a special way

So lazily I freely float

While watching and taking note

Such beauty never has to end

Because each day it begins again

Bonnie Jean

May 6, 1991

This poem won an Honorable Mention June6, 1991 from the World Of Poetry.




The time of day:

To cease your labors,relax and rest


To quieten down the children

And gather them back to the nest


To gaze out at nature, the colors in vast array

To listen to evening sounds, what she has to say.


The beauty that’s all around us

Our eyes can plainly see.


We thank our Heavenly Father above:

For the world He’s given to you and me


And for His loving kindness

And giving us His Son


His never ending love

For each and every one.


For all these things we give Him thanks and honor and praise

And for always being with us through each and every day


Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)


This poem was published in Whispers In The Wind by Quill Books.

Kara and Nick 1-13-2015


          Kindness right from your heart.

          Anticipating the new life about to start.

          Ready from two lives to be one to be a part.

          Always from this new love you will never depart


          Now a wife you will bring to your home.

          Instantly the two of you will become one.

          Children will bless this loving home.

          Keep this love and with it grow on and on.

Kara and Nick, this is what I wish for you.

How the blessing that two to one can come true.

I wish for you the best blessings indeed.

Especially when you multiply your seed.

Never leave for work without saying “I love you.”

This goes for when you retire to bed too.

For this is just so charming and sweet,

Then you will also do it when you greet.

You will find through the years love is growing,

And when there are children, to them, this love will be showing.

It will also make you feel much better,

If ever there was ever anything the matter.

Best Wishes,

Love Always,

Bonnie Jean Hern

      December 4, 2010