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“Peace Day” – August 21, 2015 – McWhopper Fiasco

I just read an article, about the McWhopper Fiasco, on my friend’s website, Tasty Here is the link.

The story is about a proposal from Burger King to McDonald’s, for them to come together as friends and not rivals on “Peace Day” 2015. The article goes into detail about the proposal and my friend’s reactions to McDonald’s response.

After reading the article, I could not help but to remember about a similar incident in a movie. Many many people love and watch this movie, every year at Thanksgiving, without fail. I wrote a paragraph about it below, as the best example that I could think of to demonstrate two rivals coming together for a common cause.

In the movie “Miracle On 34th Street”, two of the biggest stores in New York, Macy’s and Gimbel’s, came together and started operating as friends instead of enemies. I say as friends, because they didn’t actually merge in the movie, they would just tell their customers if the other store was selling an item that they did not carry, or that they were out of at the time. In the movie, Macy’s did not have a pair of roller skates that a little girl told the Macy’s Santa that she wanted for Christmas. Well. The Santa knew that Gimbel’s had them for sale. He was able to get the Mother away from the little girl and tell her where to find the skates. When the word got out about the “helpful” Santa at Macy’s, Gimbel’s decided to approach Macy’s and see if the two stores could start telling their customers which store had what items for sale. Let’s say, (I’m saying this, it wasn’t in the movie) Macy’s would tell their customer if Gimbel’s had bedroom slippers for the man of the house that they didn’t have, and Gimbel’s would tell their customer if Macy’s had a particular nightie that they didn’t have. They were working together peacefully as friends instead of enemies.

“Peace Day” is a very important start to what could be a world changing event. It is possible that “Peace Day” could one day be observed and celebrated in many countries all over the world. Wouldn’t that be something? If other countries were to celebrate a day of the observance of peace. A day where, for at least a period of 24 hours, there were no gun shots, no bombs, no grenades, no torpedoes, or any other explosive device being shot off, and no screams from stabbings. If there was absolute quiet from these types of noises

I am a dreamer and an optimist. My dreams would take it a step further and visualize all of the countries that observed “Peace Day” liking it so much that they would see just how long the peace could or would last.  It would be a nice thing to measure how many days or weeks or months that could pass without the horrible noises. If everybody would realize that it’s the violence that kills so many people, then there could absolutely be a change toward world peace. Just think about how many families and whole communities and possibly even civilizations have been wiped out due to the violence. It is my hope and prayer that “Peace Day” will continue for many many years.

Family Discovers Disgusting Secret Hiding In Their New Mattress.


Published on May 29, 2015

They will not be shopping at that store ever again after this chilling find. This is the horrible moment a family made a grim discovery inside a newly-purchased mattress.   is the website where this article is originally posted.


Up until now, I always thought that Beautyrest was up in the top mattress makers in the USA. After seeing this, I will not ever buy a Beautyrest Mattress. Not only will I not but a Beautyrest Mattress myself, but I will tell all of my friends not to but one, and to pass the word around what their practice is. Their practice is to cover old disgusting mattresses with new tops and sell them as new mattresses. I also have a website where I try to pass on interesting, informative, and/or important information to my readers. This will definitely be on it, along with the video. Even though the people are speaking Spanish, you can tell from the video exactly what they are talking about. This is just a disgrace for any company to have such shady and disreputable practices as what I have just seen. I hope they get hit with a huge fine and a really bad review from the Better Business Bureau!!!!!

I felt this was important enough to copy in its’ entirety.


Family Discovers Disgusting Secret Hiding In Their New Mattress.

I Feel Sick!


New Mattress

When you buy a new product, you expect a NEW product. Unfortunately for some like the family featured below, new doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.

Watch as this Spanish-speaking family opens up a bright new mattress – when you see what they found inside, you’ll want to throw up!

They pulled off the protective wrapping of their “brand-new” mattress, and it really looks beautiful and actually well, new. But once they got a whiff of the abhorrent smell emanating from the mattress, they knew something was definitely wrong.

So they started pulling it apart and someone grabbed the video camera – luckily they were able to document the whole experience.

On the inside of the mattress they found mold, mildew and all sorts of disgusting junk. They kept removing the padding and found that this wasn’t a new mattress at all, just an old disgusting one with a new coat of paint – or in this case, a mattress cover.

Deceitful business practices like this are unacceptable in every case – it’s insane that the company even thought that they could get away with this scheme. Unfortunately for them, most people have noses though.

What do you think should happen to the company that decided to try and sell such a horrible product? Sound off in the comments!


People Have Dismissed These 6 Myths From as Far Back as the 1920 That Are Actually True


I will put this notice on my post from now on, every time that I copy a post from Facebook, so all of my readers will know that this is not my work, but that of someone else. This, like so many of my posts have, came from Facebook. This was on OMG Facts.


People Have Dismissed These 6 Myths From as Far Back as the 1920 That Are Actually True

Posted Mar 31, by Dominic Trombino
You wouldn’t expect cigarette packages to be a huge wealth of knowledge, but in the 1920s, that’s exactly what Lambert & Butler tried to do with their cigarette cards. Each one would prove a common myth wrong, and for the most part they were pretty accurate. However, after almost 100 years of additional research, here are a few that turned out to be true all along.


1. Drinking hot tea will cool you down

 Drinking hot tea


Lambert & Butler claimed this was just your body tricking itself because it would get warm when you drank the tea, then return to normal, thus your brain tricking you into thinking you’ve cooled down. However, more recent studies show that we have receptors on our tongue that trigger our body to cool down, so drinking something hot tells the body to chill out for a bit.

2. Artillery fire causes rain

artillery fire causes rain

According to Lambert & Butler, no explosion would be able to generate the energy needed to create rainfall, and while this was true for a while, that changed in 1945 with the introduction of the atomic bomb. Following the nuclear bombs dropped on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, “black rain” came within a half an hour. “Black rain” is highly radioactive and is caused by extreme thermal changes in the atmosphere, along with millions of particles of debris becoming vessels for condensation.

3. The sun can cause both prairie and forest fires

sun can cause prairie and forest fires

As Lambert & Butler pointed out, the hottest deserts only reach temperatures of 140 degrees, which is far below the flashpoint of wood at 572. However, if the sunlight is concentrated or even simply directed at something like dry grass which has a much lower flashpoint, fire is possible.

4. The Weather Changes with the Changing Moon

weather changes with changing moon

Lambert & Butler were insistent on this one, even though the belief has been held since ancient Roman times. Unfortunately for Lambert & Butler, researchers in Arizona and at the National Climactic Data Center noticed the smallest of increases in the flow of a stream during a quarter moon. They then went back and looked at rainfall data as far back as 1895 and found a very slight increase of rain during quarter moons. It’s only 5 percent, but it’s something.

5. Ozone is present in the air at the sea-side

ozone present in air at sea-side

Lambert & Sons wanted to make sure people knew the smell of the seaside wasn’t extra ozone in the air, simply decaying seaweed. And that was probably true then, but currently, seasides do contain much more ozone than other areas. The reason for this increase? Shipping. Diesel engines end up producing chemicals that react and encourage the production of ozone.

6. Bats are Blind

bats are blind

Ok, so Lambert & Butler did believe bats could see, which is actually correct for most bats, but their whole argument was simply that since bats have eyes, they can see, which isn’t great logic. What’s more, there are plenty of different species of bats all of which see in different ways. So while the pair of cigarette makers were arguing the correct stance, they weren’t quite doing it in the right way. We’ll give them this one.


10 Easy And Delicious No-Bake Desserts


Found this on Facebook. It is from the Cute DIY website.


Home » FOOD & DRINKS » 10 Easy And Delicious No-Bake Desserts

What’s Christmas without delicious cookies? But, there are elaborate steps involved in preparing many of them and if you are a novice baker and also a perfectionist at heart that is the stuff for nightmares. Shopping for the right ingredients in the right quantities, preparing the dough to the perfect texture, melting this and that, preheating the oven to the right temperature, making the cookies look visually appealing… that’s just too much work for a novice baker! Usually that’s the way the cookie crumbles! Thankfully, easy no-bake Christmas cookies is an option for you. We have done the dirty work and put together 10 super easy no bake cookie recipes for you that aresuper easy to prepare, delicious, visually appealing and foolproof.

10 Easy And Delicious No-Bake Desserts

1. Brownie Bites (No Bake)

Brownie Bites
And then God said let there be chocolate and some more of it! This super delicious sinful double chocolate desert requires less than five minutes to prepare, less than five ingredients and has a ton of chocolate in it. To prepare this you need one brownie mix, half a cup of miniature chocolate chips, dry pudding mix and 3/4 cup of butter.
Source tutorial link.

2. The Oreo Melting Snowman Truffle

The Oreo Melting Snowman Truffle
This one is going to look little bit messy end melty, but don’t worry that’s part of the master plan. To prepare this bake a pack of Oreo cookies, crush it in a Ziploc bag and empty the crumbs into a mixing bowl. Take some softened cream cheese, mix with the crumbs and roll the dough into balls. Refrigerate the balls for a while and in the meantime fashion out snowman hats using the Rolo candy and Oreo (use the candy for hat top and Oreo for hat rim). Now melt some candy and put a blob of it on parchment paper to prepare the “melted” part of the melting snowman.
Source tutorial link.

3. Marshmallow Snowmen

Marshmallow Snowmen
Some big marshmallows, some small marshmallows, icing sugar, liquorice lace and gum drops are all you need to prepare this colorful and sumptuous desert. Fashion out the snowman’s face using a small marshmallow and use icing sugar for decoration. Use a large marshmallow for the torso and fix the head to it using icing glue. Set it aside while you give your snowman marshmallow arms. Make sure you hold the parts in place for a while until they set. Drape around the red liquorice lace in the form of a scarf and use a gum drop for the hat. 25 minutes, 5 ingredients and ton a ton of love is all you need to prepare this sweet and mushy no bake Christmas treat.
Source tutorial link.

4. Avocado Pudding With Chocolate And Peanut Butter

Avocado Pudding With Chocolate And Peanut Butter
This one is all about the Godly mix of chocolate and peanut butter getting married to tasty Avocado pudding. You need 1 and ripe avocados, a ripe yellow banana, a cup of unsweetened cocoa,cup of salted peanut butter, cup of honey or any other natural sweetener, quarter cup of almond milk and some coconut whipped cream for toppings.
Source tutorial link.

5. Brownie Pops (peppermint)

Brownie Pops
This one is super easy to prepare. You need a box o fudge brownie mix, some peppermint extract, some chocolate, lollipop sticks and some peppermint sprinkles. Mix the brownie batter and peppermint extract and bake according to instructions. Fashion balls out of the baked brownie mix and dip in molten chocolate. Insert lollipop sticks dipped in molten chocolate into the balls and sprinkle some peppermint sprinkles. You are done!
Source tutorial link.

6. Pumpkin Pie Shot (Jelly Shot)

Pumpkin Pie Shot
In a saucepan soak gelatin and then heat the dissolved gelatin for 5 minutes. Mix pumpkin puree, yogurt, spices, syrup and food coloring in a medium sized bowl and pour the gelatin over it. Mix thoroughly and then add a dash of vodka. Pour into condiment cups and refrigerate until fully settled. After a few hours add green frosting leaves to the condiments as topping and serve. You might also use some brown candy on the top for the stem.
Source tutorial link.

7. Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake
Lay down some ice-cream sandwiches onto a 9×13 pan and generously pour some caramel sauce on them. Then add whipped topping and drizzle some chocolate sauce. Refrigerate for a couple of hours before serving. It’s super simple and delicious.
Source tutorial link.

8. Funfetti Fudge

Funfetti Fudge
That sounds sumptuous, doesn’t it? It actually is! Heat some milk and white chocolate in a microwave for 2-3 minutes and then stir to buttery consistency. Add almonds and vanilla and stir. Add rainbow sprinkles and let the mixture settle for a while in a baking pan in the refrigerator or in normal room temperature. Once fully settled cut out cubes and serve. Easy, isn’t it?
Source tutorial link.

9. Caramel Apple Delight

Caramel Apple Delight
Slice off the head of an apple to form an apple bowl and then scoop out the soft stuff inside with a melon baller. Fill up the area with ice cream and you are done. This is the simplest of all easy no-bake Christmas cookies!
Source tutorial link.

10. Nutella Cookies (no bake)

Nutella Cookies
Mix butter, cocoa, sugar and milk and heat to a boil. Cook efor about a minute and add vanilla, nutella and salt. Remove from heat and add coconut flakes, hazelnuts and oats. Let it set for a while at room temperature and then serve.
Source tutorial link.