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Prayers for the Haire family

The Haire family daughters. The Facebook page was created on October 14, 2004. I am currently trying to find out when the horrific vehicle accident happened. The family was on their way home from North Carolina at the time. As best that I can figure out, little Aubrey was taken on impact, or within a little while after the accident, that same day. Aubrey’s funeral was on October 25, 2014 in Kannapolis, North Carolina, with a live stream of the service in Georgia. I am taking it for granted that the family is from Georgia since the live stream of the funeral was also being shown in Georgia, as it was going on.

With reading on the Facebook timeline for “Prayers For The Haire Family”, I have found out that there is a fund raiser where rubber bracelets are being sold for $5 each, with all of the money going to the Haire family. The contact information is as follows:    “Message Kassi Baker or send an email to and use “Haire family” as the subject for the email. You will then be told how to order one or more of the bracelets.


The infant is Aubrey and the small girl is Brooke.

Starting today, I will post updates on Brooke very frequently. I will try to post them daily, or at least every two or three days.  Here is the first one from yesterday on Facebook. When I post updates on people, I always copy and paste whatever the family posts. I don’t usually post the comments, as they are usually too numerous. I found this out when I started doing updates on Tripp Halstead. His mother usually posted two and sometimes three times a day. I tried to repost all of her updates, but then I became ill myself. I still post them from time to time. Many of the people that are following the Haire family, found out about them from posts on the Tripp Halstead updates. That is why I am mentioning it here. Please read the update on Brooke that follows. Thank you. Bonnie Hern

For some reason that I do not understand, I was unable to copy from the “Prayers For The Haire Family”. I ended up having to share the comment that I made to be able to copy it from my own Facebook. Obviously I was successful in doing that because, here it is. I will have to copy any further updates from my Facebook as well.


I will be sending love and prayers your way. I know that God will hold you in His arms of love to help you get through these difficult times, and those to come.

Update on Brooke:
Yesterday was a difficult day for our little girl. Brooke had difficulty sleeping the night before and was exhausted. Unlike Wednesday, Brooke was not responding to commands. Three different times yesterday Brooke’s heart rate dropped significantly low. The doctors have started a medicine to drive her heart rate up until Brooke can have a pacemaker put in on Sunday. Late yesterday afternoon Brooke started running a fever. It jumped from 102 to 104.5 and she was not responding to tylenol. We later found out Brooke was fighting a urinary tract infection. With the help of antibiotics, motrin, and tylenol her fever finally started to subside and Brooke was able to get some sleep. Out of all the scares we had yesterday, we also had some encouragement. When checking her temperature Brooke moved her arm, and when rubbing her foot she would try and pull it away. The doctors have told us that this is spinal cord reflexes, but this movement is an improvement from no movement. We are hopeful that she will continue to improve and that she can build on these reflexes. Please keep praying for our strong little girl, she’s still fighting so hard and I know God hears all these prayers.