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High School Boy Builds Own Tiny Home

The project started when Austin’s high school asked to do a research project on anything they were passionate about. Austin decided to look into building a tiny house, a trend he had seen growing. After investigating, Austin, who was then a high school sophomore, was inspired to construct his own.

His parents and grandfather knew he was serious when he came home with a trailer to start building on. The trailer, which he bought used, cost $2000. Austin used the money that he made working at two summer jobs, one at a camp and the other at a park snack bar. Soon, Austin had built a frame and a roof for his home.

Austin then began to work more on the inside of the house.

He built a loft for his bed, which would allow more space for everything else in the house.
Then he built his own closet, with enough storage space for his shirts, hats, shorts, and other things.
He found many of the parts he needed for the home by going to junk yards and scavenging. These parts include the doors, windows, flooring, and even the kitchen sink.
The stove/oven was a gift, however, from “Santa” for Christmas. It was exactly the one that Austin wanted.  He’s cooked eggs on it and even baked cookies in it.
The tiny home includes a full working bathroom with running hot and cold water for the shower…
…and a composting toilet.
For the living area, Austin built the couch himself. It is wood with a foam pad on top. This couch can even be turned into an extra bed for guests!
Austin finished building his home in his senior year of high school. To celebrate, he had an open house to show off his fantastic place to friends and family as well as help others interested in tiny homes learn how to make their own.
In total, Austin’s tiny home took several years to complete and cost about $12,000, part of which he raised through donations. Austin is very happy with the result. The home is parked in his parents’ backyard, but Austin put it on wheels for a reason. He would like to bring it to whereever he ends up attending college. Even further in the future, he plans to continue living in it after he graduates.
Watch the video for the full story and to see more of this awesome tiny home. You’ll also see the reactions from his family and friends, including a very touching interview with his proud grandfather.

Black Lab Dog Has A Little Too Much Fun In Snow

This article and video is so funny. If you have been having a bad day, week, month, or whatever, I will almost guarantee you cannot watch this video without at least smiling if not down right laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing. Since I had so much fun watching it, I wanted my readers to have the same amount of fun. So here it is, copied straight from San Francisco Globe.


Black Lab Dog Has A Little Too Much Fun In Snow


This black lab is very excited about snow. While a lot of canines love to frolic through all that fluffy white stuff, this guy takes it to the next level. Watch how he celebrates wintertime and prepare to laugh out loud. We’ve never seen anything like it.

In an interview with The Dodo, canine psychology expert, Stanley Coren, explains that dogs simply love snow because it’s fun to play with. Coren says, “Dogs like to manipulate their environment. They will play in pile of leaves, just like the way kids do — the mind of a dog is very much like that of a two-year-old.” Therefore, it’s pretty unsurprising to see this Labrador Retriever roll and slide, completely enjoying this winter wonderland.

Does your pup do anything like this? Tell us in the comments below and share if you found it as funny as we did!

These Baking Tips Will Help You When You’re Low On Supplies

This article from The San Francisco Globe has some really good baking hacks and/or baking tips. Thought you might like to know them too.


These Baking Tips Will Help You When You’re Low On Supplies


We all run out of materials sometimes. In an ideal world our baking supplies never run dry, but sometimes you get halfway through making cupcakes before you realize you don’t have any food coloring or frosting. Well, this video will help you get through those tough situations.

Seriously, how did I never know you could make your own brown sugar? All it takes is 1 tablespoon of molasses and 1 cup of  sugar. Mix the two until it looks like brown sugar!

One of my favorite life hacks that this video doesn’t talk about is keeping cookies fresh by using an apple. If you store cookies in a tupperware container with a slice of an apple, the cookies will absorb the moisture from the apple and stay softer for longer!
Watch the video below to catch 7 genius baking hacks. Have you heard of any of these before? Tell us in the comments any baking secrets you know and share this with your friends!


When You Hear What This 94 Year Old Grocery Bagger Got On His Last Day, You’ll Be Shocked. Tissues!

Arthur St. John is a 94-year-old bagger at a grocery store, but after 22 years of carefully and cheerfully arranging family meals in brown bags, his job had come to an end. Arthur was one of the many grocery store employees that were either laid off or had their hours cut. But when Arthur showed up to collect his last paycheck, there was another one waiting for him. This check was for $7,166.  It was given to him by the many customers that he blessed at the grocery store with his delightful service.



When customer Bonnie Gervais asked for Arthur one day and learned that he was laid off, she and her teenage son kicked off a fundraiser to help their favorite bagger out. The response was more than they bargained for.


Many of the donors that gave to Arthur were customers that had experienced his kindness at the end of the check out line.


“It is always a joy to see Arthur at the end of the conveyor belt. He is always so sweet to my little son,” wrote one customer.


“I’ve been shopping at the Stratham store just a few years longer than you’ve been working there and I’ve always enjoyed seeing you and appreciate your courtesy.” Said a fellow co-worker.


“Arthur cried two or three times. He was very appreciative,” said the assistant store director Dean Clevesy. The money will help to ease the burden of Arthur’s bills. But he still can’t help himself and wants to get back to work. It seems as if Arthur wants to spend his entire life bringing smiles to faces.


Check out Arthur St. John’s thoughts on this situation:


Colossians 3:17 

Source: Sunny Skyz



The Hidden Tragedy of Entitlements: What a 12-Year Welfare Abuser Says About Finding a Job



It is not compassionate for people to be in the welfare system for years at a time. America is about people bettering themselves and attaining dignity and self-respect through supporting themselves and achieving things.

That is why the story of Kiara, a 30-year-old woman with four children, is disturbing on multiple levels. Not only should taxpayers be upset with her blase attitude about abusing the welfare system, they should feel bad for the thousands of Americans like her who are spending their lives wasting their time, instead of living life to the fullest and achieving things.

YoungCons points out a great quote by Ronald Reagan, “Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence.”

This follows a sage quote by Benjamin Franklin: “I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”

People cannot be empowered when they are on welfare. What is needed is more opportunity, and that’s where the federal and state governments can come in. Governments should stop penalizing successful businesses, eliminate burdensome and unnecessary regulations, and let people work and lead their own lives.

Bella The Dog Doesn’t Want To Get Out Of The Water

This video may seem funny to most people, but i feel a little uneasy about it. It is my opinion that this dog was trying to tell the people something, but they never got the message. Bella was doing too much digging around and putting her head in the water for it to be just that she didn’t want to get out of the water. These people are sure going to feel pretty stupid if something or someone was actually in that water and the fact doesn’t get found out for a few hours. days, weeks, or months. Just look at how churned up the water is where Bella has been digging in it.


I want to make an apology for jumping to a wrong conclusion about this video. The owner of the dog sent a reply to my text that the water is in front of their house and the dog swims there everyday for therapy. She knows that there is nothing in the water or wrong with the water.

Here is my reply. It just seemed like she was being insistent on being in the water. She really likes the water doesn’t she? I just became alarmed about how insistent she was, and fear that something was wrong kicked in.I’m so sorry. Please accept my apology.

2 Pastors, 90-Year-Old Man Charged With Feeding Homeless

 2 Pastors, 90-Year-Old Man Charged With Feeding Homeless

Homeless Dog Receives Life Changing Make Over After Being Rescued

Charlie, the shelter dog. was found abandoned on the side of the road and brought to an adoption center in Los Angeles, California. He was covered in painful sores and abrasions that littered his whole body. The particular shelter he was brought to was a high kill shelter, meaning if Charlie wasn’t adopted quickly he might not make it.
Being adopted seemed like an impossibility for Charlie because of the way he looked. His hair was matted, tangled, and dirty. But the adoption center knew that underneath that ball of fur was a lovable animal ready to bring joy to a family looking for a pet, so they got to work.
Watch this video to see Charlie’s transformation. It’s amazing what a little bit of love can do to change an animal’s life. Share this video to spread awareness about animal adoption. Every animal deserves a chance to be loved

Muslims Attack Christians Leaving Church… Judge Rules Them Innocent

The relationship between Muslims and Christians in Europe seems to be growing more hostile by the moment, especially with the number of Muslims emigrating from the Middle East rising significantly.

In fact, in many European countries, the Muslim population is nearing the majority, and tensions rise as the group seems intent on proving their presence and control.

Now, according to recent images that have surfaced, a crowd of Muslims recently attacked Christians as they left a Catholic church in Southern France. The group of Muslim teenagers threw rocks and bottles at churchgoers simply because of their faith.


Other nationalities and/or religions are NOT throwing stones at the Muslims as they get out of Church. Is this how Muslims say “Thank You for letting us come here to live.” I have yet to hear much of anything good about the Muslims, but I know that they aren’t all bad. Just the majority of them seem to be bad. These bad ones are giving the good ones a bad name and an even worse reputation. Why does every other nationality hate America so much. America is the first country all other nations look to for emergency help any time that there is any kind of disaster. And this is the way we get re-paid. SOME GRATITUDE – NOT!!!!!