Curry December 31, 1988


C at so very special indeed

U nlike any others

R arely from him did a sound proceed

R arely a meow did he utter

Y et playful a cat as any others

Curry was such a special cat

And anyone who saw him would readily agree

He never was a nuisance or a bother

For attention he didn’t always pleed

You’d see him when you first entered the door

But he wouldn’t jump up on you

Usuallyhe stayed and played on the floor

Unless you called him up on you

He liked to be petted

But he loved to be brushed

And when he saw the brush in your hand

The purring couldn’t be hushed

But now he’s laid to his final rest

And never again will he suffer

He’s left behind fond memories

Of a cat unlike any others

In Loving Memory,

Bonnie Jean

December 31, 1988