Dearl July 12, 2008



D aily he did the will of God.

E arnest in spreading the holy word.

A lways prayed “Thy will be done.”

R espected by his family and friends.

L oved the Heavenly Father to the very end.


Now Dearl has slipped the

bonds of this earth.

His best has just begun.

We know he’ll never again

be sick or hurt.

He’s rejoicing with the Lord.

His old body is gone.


Don’t mourn his death,

but celebrate his life.

Join his family, his friends

and especially his wife.

He’s living in a mansion,

walking the streets of gold.

Just as the promises in the Bible,

long ago foretold.


Love In Christ,

Bonnie Jean


His best just began on July 12, 2008.