Dr John Rogers


He ran the race, He fought the fight

And now the victory has been won

For only a shell in the grave will stay

His spirit and soul went to heaven straight away

No longer is he sick or in pain

A grand and glorious thing

He’s living in his Mansion and walking the streets of gold

Just as the Bible foretold


Our hearts are sad and our eyes full of tears

For we have known and loved John for so many years

But we really shouldn’t be so sad

Because we have fond memories to make us glad

To help us get through the coming days

Where we will miss John in so many ways

The Heavenly Father will reach down from above

And hold us in His everlasting arms of love


With Love In Christ,

Christ Church Apartments



In loving memory of Dr John Rogers, whom the Father in Heaven called home January 28, 2009.


Written by Bonnie Jean, January 28, 2009.