E arning badges through the years.

A mazing the changes from boy to man.

G od is the center of his life.

L ove he gives to family and friends.

E veryone is important to him.


S incerity is a special trait.

C ompassion from the depths of his heart.

O thers are always in his life.

U nfairness is not a characteristic.

T ruth comes as a second nature.


For a Boy Scout to become an Eagle Scout

Takes years of hard work.

And for the boy to become a man

Is something you can look.


There are many who help, he cannot do it alone.

With his family and friends, it starts in his home.

When the journey first begins, he has to be sincere.

He knows the journey will last for quite a few years.


And when with this journey, he has reached the end,

The small little boy has become quite a man.



Aunt Bonnie


December 31, 2001