Elizabeth Davis May 25, 2008


Elizabeth from this world has passed.

She’s with her Heavenly Father at last,

To walk the brilliant streets of gold,

As the prophets from the Bible foretold.

This is the path that she will trod,

Because she is a child of God.

Therefore, only a shell in the grave will stay,

For her spirit and soul went to Heaven straight away.

Our hearts are sad and our eyes full of tears,

For this loved one we’ve known for countless years.

But we know she’ll never be sick any more or feel any pain,

And this is a glorious and wonderful thing.

We know we’ll miss her very much,

Due to the way our hearts she did touch.

In these times the Heavenly Father above,

Will reach down and hold us in His arms of love.

With Love,

Your Friends

In loving memory of Elizabeth Davis, whom the Heavenly Father called home May 25, 2008.

Written by Bonnie Jean