Emily November 7, 2008



Emily from this world has passed.

She’s with the Heavenly Father at last.

Now she’s walking down the streets of gold.

And living in her mansion, as long ago foretold.


You’re oh so lonely and your eyes are full of tears.

She lived so close for all these many years.

But don’t let your heart be so very sad.

For you have fond memories to make you glad.


You know that only a shell in the grave will stay.

Her heart and soul went to Heaven straight away.

Now she’ll never have anymore sickness or pain.

Jesus took care of that when He died for all our sin and everything.


You know it’s been and will be hard getting through these days.

But the Father above will help in a very special way.

For He will reach down from above,

And gently hold you in His arms of love.


With Love In Christ,

A Friend




In loving memory of Emily Smith,

Whom the Father called home to her mansion November 7, 2008.


Written by Bonnie Jean


November 29, 2008