Father Rick December 31, 1988



Father of the parish.

All of the Parishioners he does cherish

Teaches them the Holy Word

Helps the word to be understood.

Ever ready in a time of need.

Ready to help with the need he sees.

Responds in such a special way.

Includes you when to the Lord he prays.

Cares about your hurt and pain.

Keeps helping you.

This is what, in Father Rick, I see.

And am very thankful for his help to me.

For me, my heart and soul he has touched.

At a time, for me, that’s very rough.

For he has listened, talked, and prayed,

Never once turning me away.

I know he had to have been busy at times,

But he never told me I had to wait in line.

He helped me to find inner peace,

When I alone could find no relief. Truly he’s a Man of God,

And will one day receive his just reward.

Love In Christ,

From One You’ve Helped

                    December 31, 1988