GORDON February 10, 2011

G   O   R   D   O   N
Green-bay Packers was his “team”
Others just were not the same
Really liked to watch the game
Died in his sleep, the best way to go
Obviously my Mother doesn’t think so
Named him “Pop” a long time ago
My heart is so sad and my eyes are full of tears
For I have loved him so much for so many years
He made my Mother as happy as she could be
To anyone around that was easy to see
I don’t know anyone else’s thoughts
But my Mother and I are going to be lost
We really shouldn’t be so sad
For we have fond memories to make us glad
When he was young he worked for the FBI
And had such a special feeling inside
A man like this should be honored
The doing so should not be pondered
Only a shell in the grave will stay
His spirit and soul went to Heaven straight away
And I know that our Father above
Will reach down and hold us in His arms of Love
With Love Your Daughter,
Bonnie Jean
In loving memory of Gordon L. Washburn, whom the Father called home February 10,2011.