H earts were touched in an evil way.

E veryone will remember that day.

L ove is sent every time we pray.

P rayer helps us get through the day.

” I nfinite Justice” is what we say.

N ever cowering or turning away.

G iving in every imaginable way.


H ands stretched out around the world.

A llies agree on our every word.

N othing we want is misunderstood.

D emands are made against “terror-hood”.

S tates and countries all want what’s good.



This terrible act was against all mankind.

Showing in civilization some are behind.


For civil people don’t do those things.

The ones that pull at all heartstrings.


Now helping hands are trying so hard.

Tears are streaming in every yard.


Not just the USA was hit that day,

But every other country in some way.


But through the tears helping hands go out.

Letting us know what their hearts are about.


And even in this horror we will grow strong.

With all of the helping hands to guide us along.


With My Deepest Love,

Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)


September 24, 2001