I thought this might help some of my readers. It was on my Facebook today. Kelly Bagnasco has graciously given me permission to repost and share any article that she posts on Facebook.

Here’s a keeper!!! I have always been a little bit fuzzy about what Poison Ivy looks like! Now we all know!

How To Identify Poison Ivy


This is a really good chart to go by. It shows pictures of each common variety of poison ivy, and gives a little rhyme to remember each one by.

There are 7 types of poison ivy on this chart. Below I have posted the rhyme for each of them. You may want to write them on an index card and have it with you anytime you go camping or hiking. If your memory is sharp, you can memorize them too. That way, you can’t lose the card, or it can’t get messed up and become where you can’t read it.

1.   If butterflies land there, don’t put your hand there.

2.   Leaves of three, let it be.

3.   Harry vine, no friend of mine. & Raggy rope, don’t be a dope.

4.   Berries white, run in fright. & Berries white, danger in sight.

5.   Longer middle stem, stay away from them.

6.   Red leaflets in the spring, it’s a dangerous thing.

7.   Side leaflets like mittens will itch like the dickens.

I hope this will help to keep you safe from poison ivy. You may leave comments below.