I Just Got Groomed Today

A friend of mine recently had her dog groomed. I am writing this little story as if the dog was doing it on the day she was groomed and just got home.

My Mommy had me groomed today, and wow do I feel good and look very pretty. I have a bow in my hair. How I know it’s a bow is because everybody says bow and then touches it. It really feels funny when they touch it though.  Getting groomed must be a big deal. Since I have never been groomed before, I don’t really know. You see, I’m still a puppy and Mommy wanted to wait for me to get bigger. I’m bigger now, so today was the day.

My day started out with me being put in a dog kennel and being carried, by Mommy and her friend, to the place where you get groomed. It was fun riding in the kennel, but I got a little scared when they just left me in the kennel and then left the place and left me by myself. But I didn’t stay scared for very long because everybody was so nice to me. The bath felt so good, just like when Mommy does it. But they even used some stuff that smelled so good. That’s how I know it was special to go to this place.

After they gave me a bath they took me to a table where they put this thing around my neck so I wouldn’t jump off of the table. It scared me a little bit because I have never been tied up before. But it was OK after just a little while. They brushed me really good and it felt soooo good. Next they started clipping my hair, fur, I don’t have hair. Mommy had clipped me some, but they clipped me even more.

The next thing that happened was sort of scary too. There were a lot of scary things that happened, but they all turned out to be good, so I tried not to be too scared. Well, next they turned on this thing that makes a lot of noise and blows out warm air at the same time. It was the noise that was scary, but the warm air sure did feel good. And they were brushing me the whole time that awful noise was going on. So I just paid attention to the nice warm air and not that awful noise.

When they were finished, they put me back in the dog kennel. I was so tired from everything that had happened and being scared. Being scared makes you tired, and I fell asleep.

After a while I was taken back home. The really big deal started after I got home. Everybody wanted to see my haircut. I sure did like everybody wanting to hold me and pet me saying how soft I was and how nice I smelled.

When the people had finished holding me and petting me, Mommy took me to another friend’s house to have some pictures taken to show off my bow. And Mommy knew I wanted to explore this new place. See how surprised Mommy is when I started wiggling to get down.


But Mommy wouldn’t let me down and started hugging me to calm me down, see her smiling. She thought she could hold me. But I was determined to get down and explore.

  Mommy thinks she’s got me, but just you wait and see.

     I try to run for the hills. Just one problem, there aren’t any hill in this house. I keep trying though, in all sorts of directions.

See me, I’m moving so fast to get down that I’m just a blur, looking for a way to get down to explore.


Aahh, I think I’ve found one. Have to  move fast. Uht oh, Mommy got me.


Will you look at this, Mommy is trying to bribe me with a treat, to stay on the bed. Darn it’s working.


OK, let me try my howling maneuver. Shucks, she’s too slick with the treats.

           Darn those treats, I just can’t resit them.


May I please get down Mommy?

           Guess I’ll pretend to do what Mommy wants me to do. But if I move a lot and make the pictures blurry maybe she’ll let me go


Oh no, she’s got me with a strong grip. I might not be able to get away for a little while. You see her holding me under my belly. No fair Mommy.

     Not having any luck getting away.


   Maybe if I act nonchalant she’ll let me go.

Please Mommy, let me down to explore this new house. Oh well, the idea was a good one

      How do you like my smile for the picture so Mommy could show off the bow in my hair, uh fur, I don’t have hair, I have fur. Sorry.

Well, I guess that’s the end of my story about getting groomed today. It was scary and fun at the same time, but in the end it felt real good. Everybody likes my new look.