John September 9, 1989


John was a good man.

Good as any you’d want to meet.

Always helped his fellow man,

Wherever there was a need.

John really loved his family,

And always talked about them so.

And told stories in such a way,

You felt his family you did know.

One thing is very certain,

He’s really going to be missed.

But to ease some of the hurting,

By his memories we all are blessed.

I wish there was someway, I could ease your pain.

So I’ll take you to our Heavenly Father in prayer,

Because nothing I could say or do will ever change a thing,

So I’ll ask Him, your and pain to bear.

And then around you He’ll put His arms,

As your pain and sorrow He bears.

And He’ll keep you from all alarms,

As lovingly He shows how much He cares.

Love In Christ.

Amanda Joy

In memory of John Hamby, who returned to his Maker August 5, 1988

                    September 9, 1988