Kara and Nick 1-13-2015


          Kindness right from your heart.

          Anticipating the new life about to start.

          Ready from two lives to be one to be a part.

          Always from this new love you will never depart


          Now a wife you will bring to your home.

          Instantly the two of you will become one.

          Children will bless this loving home.

          Keep this love and with it grow on and on.

Kara and Nick, this is what I wish for you.

How the blessing that two to one can come true.

I wish for you the best blessings indeed.

Especially when you multiply your seed.

Never leave for work without saying “I love you.”

This goes for when you retire to bed too.

For this is just so charming and sweet,

Then you will also do it when you greet.

You will find through the years love is growing,

And when there are children, to them, this love will be showing.

It will also make you feel much better,

If ever there was ever anything the matter.

Best Wishes,

Love Always,

Bonnie Jean Hern

      December 4, 2010