Lagatha November 12, 1989


Lovely were the dolls she made.

Adorable the outfits in every way.

Giving happiness to others every day.

Always there with an uplifting smile.

Taking away your cares and troubles for a while.

Happy to go the extra mile.

Accepting and caring all the while.

Lagatha was so friendly and nice to be with.

Always gave you a much needed lift.

She was so very kind and neat.

A person you were glad to meat.

Always working on a new idea.

Using things that she’d find everywhere.

But now she has been called back home.

And left us feeling sad and alone.

But we really shouldn’t feel that way.

For only a shell in the grave will lay.

Now she’s started her eternal walk.

And face to face with her Lord she can talk.

And He’ll look down on us from above,

Ever holding us in His arms of love.

Love in Christ,

Amanda Joy

          In Memory of Lagatha Monroe,

          who started her walk November 11, 1989

     November 12, 1989