Lily June 3, 2006 Nov 13, 2011 @ 19:32


                              L oved you from the very start.

                              I mmediately took you into our hearts.

                              L ovingly took you wherever we went.

                              Y es, we believe into our lives you were sent.

                                                  You were so cute and small, and so sweet.

                                                  That’s what we’d hear from people we’d meet.

                                                  They usually wanted to take you home.

                                                  We told them no, because then we’d be alone.

                                                  You filled our lives with so much joy.

                                                  You were our little self-wind-up toy.

                                                  Under the blankets you’d curl yourself up.

                                                  Now you’re gone, and we miss you so much.


                                                                               Mommy and Daddy

In loving memory of Miss Lily,

Who was put to rest June 3, 2006.

Written by Bonnie Jean