Loren August 22, 2008


L oved by all his family and friends.

O bviously his Father’s love was within.

R espected by others to the very end.

E ternal life now his to begin.

N ow his promotion he did also begin.

Don’t mourn his brief passing,

But celebrate his abundant life.

Do this with his family, his friends

and especially his wife.

For they all, with him , enjoyed

such a rich fulfilled life.

He’ll eternally live the promises

he dreamed of every day.

His spirit and soul went

to Heaven straight away.

A mansion will forever be his

Heavenly home.

And daily with his Heavenly Father,

the streets of gold will he roam.

In Christian Love,

Bonnie Jean

In loving memory of Loren Austin,

who was promoted on August 22, 2008.