Muslims Attack Christians Leaving Church… Judge Rules Them Innocent

The relationship between Muslims and Christians in Europe seems to be growing more hostile by the moment, especially with the number of Muslims emigrating from the Middle East rising significantly.

In fact, in many European countries, the Muslim population is nearing the majority, and tensions rise as the group seems intent on proving their presence and control.

Now, according to recent images that have surfaced, a crowd of Muslims recently attacked Christians as they left a Catholic church in Southern France. The group of Muslim teenagers threw rocks and bottles at churchgoers simply because of their faith.


Other nationalities and/or religions are NOT throwing stones at the Muslims as they get out of Church. Is this how Muslims say “Thank You for letting us come here to live.” I have yet to hear much of anything good about the Muslims, but I know that they aren’t all bad. Just the majority of them seem to be bad. These bad ones are giving the good ones a bad name and an even worse reputation. Why does every other nationality hate America so much. America is the first country all other nations look to for emergency help any time that there is any kind of disaster. And this is the way we get re-paid. SOME GRATITUDE – NOT!!!!!