My Uncle Winston


My Uncle Winston has passed away,

They aren’t really sure of the time or day.

Uncle Danny couldn’t reach him, he had no phone,

He died in his trailer, he was all alone.

For days Uncle Danny had been stopping by,

So the police had to break the door to get inside.

The coroner was the next to come,

After finding the death of Uncle Winston.

All of this has come as a shock to me,

Now that my Uncle Winston I can no longer see.

My insides are churning and hurting so bad,

For this is making me overwhelmingly sad.

He was really the clown of the bunch,

And made everybody laugh so much.

He’d send me silly cards out of the blue,

Now this is something he’ll never again do.

Through the years I’ve saved each and every card,

Just knowing I’ll never get anymore is oh so hard.

I loved my Uncle Winston so very much,

I can’t explain how my heart he has touched.

Now he’s gone forever more.

I’ll never see him come walking and smiling thru the door.

What else can I say other than what I have said?

For right now so much confusion is going on in my head.

My dear Heavenly Father above,

Please reach down and hold me in Your arms of love.


Bonnie Jean

     In loving memory of my Uncle Harold Winston Montague, DOD 07/18/10

                   Written 7/19/10