“Noble Eagle”, sad and crying

For all those people hurt and dying.

It was such a shock that fateful day,

For the terrorist attack on the USA.

Out of nowhere came the terrorist strike

The ball of fire, the blinding light.

The first tower had been hit,

The second one was hit just like it.

Then it happened, the first tower fell.

Then the second one went.

Oh, what a “day from hell”.

Next we heard the pentagon was hit,

With fire and smoke billowing from it.

And “Noble Eagle”, you saw it all.

When the fourth plane hit with another fire ball.

Our minds were reeling from all of the news.

The things that were happening on the terrorists queues.

But there were heroes on that fourth plane.

Who fought mightily, against the terrorist reign.

They knew that shortly they would probably die.

So they tried to guide the plane safely out of the sky.

Yes, it blew up, and all that were inside of it.

But it never did reach its original target.

So we’re sad for the heroes that we lost that day.

But they surely did die in an honorable way.


You Will Never Be Forgotten,

Misty Allan

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)

September 24, 2001