Pat March 10, 1990


“Pretty is as pretty does”, and you are pretty in every way.

Accepting a person, how their life was and however they are today.

Tenderheartedness is a great big plus, no matter what others may say.

Pat, you are so special to all that’s within me,

It’s hard to put it into words.

It’s like you’re right there inside me,

Trying to comfort all my hurts.

I knew it the first day I saw and talked to you,

The look that was in your eyes,

I’m so glad I let you through,

All I’ve tried for years to hide.

Now you’ll always be a part of my life,

And that’s a feeling that’s so good.

It’s a feeling that seems to be just right,

Like all good feelings should.

With Love,

Amanda Joy

          March 10, 1990