Skinny Fiber Group – Information For Those Interested

Hello New Friends and welcome to our Group. Here is a brief list of our group goals and the reasons our group was started.

1. Our primary goal is to help you become healthier! To do that, we recommend you cut out all soda and artificial sweetened products and replace them with water. Whether it’s just plain water or recipes posted in the Beverage’s photo album here in this group, just stay away from soda. Then eat healthier meals and stay away from fast food! These things mayseem difficult to do but it’s the main reason most of us need to lose weight in the first place. Just be very selective about what you eat and drink!

2. Helping to keep you motivated to lose weight is our second goal! Make sure you check out the Starter Exercise program located in the photo albums posting a comment on each photo (day) as you do. It is important to start to exercise and move, to do something! I know this may be hard for some because of some health issues, but everyone needs to do something and we are here to help you and motivate you to lose weight. NO one will ever judge you here if you fall off the wagon so don’t be shy.

3. Once you have lost the weight, the next challenge is keeping it off. We encourage you to stay with us so we can help you and so you can help motivate and inspire others. Achieving big goals is a team effort and everyone’s contributions are important!

4. As an added benefit, I wanted to let you know about something all-natural called Skinny Fiber. Peoples lives are being changed who are using it! It comes with either a 30 day, 100% no questions asked money back guarantee, or 90 days if you order the “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” or the “Buy 3 Get 3 Free” specials! All you have to lose is just pounds and inches since this is completely risk free!!! To learn more about it, click on the link below and watch the 4 minute video that explains what it is, how it works, and how you can get all the free stuff that comes with it.

Remember, it isn’t necessary to use this product to stay in our group, but you should consider trying it! With a 1% corporate global return rate, I am 99% positive you are going to love it!!!

So In short here is what you need to do to get healthy and losing weight:
– Detox all the toxins out of your body.
– Replace any soda or sweetened beverages with water.
– Start walking 10,000 steps a day using a pedometer; better yet exercise.
– Consider taking 90 day challenge today through the link below.


Are you up for the 90 Day Challenge? Skinny Fiber only costs $1 to $2 a day depending on how you order it and you get to win great prizes and 3 chances to win $1,000 in cash!!! In addition to all this, you also get an incredible free online weight loss support system and a free online weight loss tracker. For more information or to order yours now, go

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