The Five Finger Prayer



I will put this notice on my post from now on, every time that I copy a post from Facebook, so all of my readers will know that this is not my work, but that of someone else. This, like so many of my posts have, came from Facebook. The article was from Heidi Victorino‘s Photo and article. I thought it was just awesome.




Teaching Children to Pray: The Five Finger Prayer
Here’s how to do it:

1. The thumb is the closest finger to you. Pray for those who are close to you. Our parents, siblings, extended family and friends.

2. The pointer finger is next. Pray for those who teach you, instruct you and heal you. They need our prayers to help them help others.

3. The following finger is the tallest. Pray for our leaders and others in authority. Pray that God grant them guidance. For children, this may be their parents, too!

4. The fourth finger is the ring finger. It is the weakest finger. Pray for the weakest among you. The hurt, the lonely, the sick. Remember what Jesus said about “the least of these”? This is where you honor Him by praying for them.

5. And finally we have our smallest finger, the smallest of all. Your pinkie should remind you to pray for yourself. We gain perspective about our own needs when we put others first. That’s why we should pray for ourselves last.

The five finger prayer would also be adorable to pray with an infant in our arms as we are feeding, bathing or playing with them. Toes can work too!

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