The New American Way Of Life – Go Figure

This was on my Facebook yesterday 1/24/16. Americans that are not taking the government for a spin need to fight against this kind of dishonesty. It’s people like this that keep those that really need the help from getting it. I am totally disabled and have been since I lost both of my jobs in June of 1990. Even then after my asthma got under control, I went back to school, graduated from the community college and worked until the place where I worked let me go because I was too disabled. Now I don’t even qualify for $10 in food stamps. I have an artificial bladder and my medical expenses for the supplies for it are high. The supplies are:

ABD pads at $57 per case every two months

depends (at $37 per case per month) to go over the ABD pads,so my clothes aren’t wet all of the time,

Co-pay on medicine($6 to $9 per month) to go in the bladder for two hours a day,

60cc syringes to irrigate the bladder $3 each,

10cc syringes to deflate and another one to inflate the balloon on the catheter $1.50 each

Saline to irrigate the bladder,

Sterile Water to inflate the balloon so the catheter won’t come out of my bladder (both the saline and the sterile water are $48 per case of 12 bottles),

catheters to be inserted into my abdomen on into the bladder at $13 each(Medicare will only allow 1 per month) and I need more than the one per month due to mucous build up from the bladder being made from my intestines and the intestines producing mucous and clogging the catheter(the intestines does not know that it is a bladder now),

drainage bags $10 each(Medicare allows 2 per month, no allowance for bags getting leaks in them and needing to be replaced)

washable pads for my bed so I won’t ruin my mattress when the bladder leaks during my sleep and soaks the bed $10 each,(I currently have 12 pads, but they are getting holes in them after 15 years of use. I need to replace them)etc –

The expense of the supplies doesn’t matter to the food stamp place though.

Oh, by the way I’m white. I guess if I was black I could get all kinds of help.

And the blacks think they are being mistreated? Go figure! And all the blacks can scream is discrimination.

I think I am a victim of reverse discrimination when it comes to receiving benefits from the government.

The blacks no longer have any reason to be so upset. They receive everything and all they have to do is sit on their lazy butts all day from the day they graduate and have several illegitimate children and get everything for the children too. And when questioned about getting a job say that they don’t need to get a job because they get a check from the government every month.

In the mean time people like me, who worked from the time I graduated high school until I became disabled, and then even after I got stable enough to retrain for another job, up until I got fired by my employer for being absent too much for having to have too many surgeries, can’t get diddly from the government.


New American Way Of Life

And the black people wonder why the white people are so upset with them. It’s because so many of them are so lazy it’s a wonder they can even breathe, that breathing doesn’t take too much effort for them to do it.

I’m not a racist either. I have many friends that are African American, and I respect them very much. But the ones that abuse the government and get benefits by being so lazy and dishonest just infuriate the heck out of me.

I worked too hard for too long to be treated the way I get treated just because I’m white and I’m honest. But at least my Mother brought me up right.