THIS Is Being The Hands And Feet Of God!

What She Caught Her Boyfriend Doing On Vacation…AMAZING!

Lalaine was on vacation with her boyfriend Chris in the Philippines when he stopped her dead in her tracks and said he needed to go to the store. She didn’t ask why but that’s when she saw Chris coming out of the store with food for the homeless children he had seen a bit earlier that day. She secretly filmed it, and this act of kindness will warm your heart!

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Published on Aug 11, 2015

Laraine Dawn Young was on vacation last month in Makati with her boyfriend Chris, when she experienced a wordless act of kindness by him that so melted her heart, she had to grab her phone to record the scene as it was unfolding. She called the video, “An Act of Compassion: The Man I Love Has The Most Beautiful Soul.”

She tells her story: “Chris and I were walking out of our hotel in Makati when I saw some children sleeping on the sidewalk. I felt so bad for these kids – I told my boyfriend about them kids and he saw them just laying there looking tired and sickly. Unquestionably, he felt bad for them as well. He told me to watch our things because he wanted to go to the nearest convenience store – I thought maybe he was just thirsty or hungry so OK. After a few minutes, he came out with a bag of groceries and told me he’s going to give it to the kids. *I melted*

As he was crossing the street, I decided to take a video so I can keep reminding myself that I’ve been blessed with a man who is not only smart, sexy and handsome but one who is also beautiful inside and out. He didn’t know I was recording this video until he got back 🙂

I wanted to keep this video to myself, but I am proud of my man. I wanna share his kind deed to the world even if he deserves more recognition than this.

Baby i know one day i’ll be able to immortalize you and the good things that you do not just through this, I don’t know how yet but i’ll figure it out. I love you Chris – God bless you and your big heart and beautiful soul ❤️”