Trust Department December 12, 1989


Truer friends cannot be found.

Regardless if you looked the world around.

Unselfish in so many ways.

Showing they care every day.

Taking time to bring love and joy my way.

Group, there’s no way I can tell you all that I’m feeling right now.

You’ve touched me in such a special way, I just can’t explain how.

There’s no way I can tell you all that your caring and concern means.

I’m just thankful that I’m lucky enough to be part of such a team.

It really means a lot to me to know I’ve got your support,

And I can hardly wait until I’m well and can return I’m glad to report.

So all I can say is thank you from deep down in my heart,

And that in my healing, your support is a very important part.

Thank You Again,

Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

          December 12, 1989