VIDEO: Here’s What Happens When a Bullet Gets Stuck in the Barrel of a Gun


Knowledge of gun safety, and what different things can go wrong, and how to handle such situations, is vitally important for both new shooters and experienced shooters alike.

There is a particular type of firearm malfunction that can pose an exceptionally dangerous risk, known as a “squib” load.

A squib is an underpowered cartridge in which either the primer or gunpowder fail to fully ignite and only partially fires the bullet, at less than full force, which often results in the bullet getting stuck partway down the barrel.

A squib can usually be detected by a noticeable change in the sound of the gun firing, or by a noticeable lack of recoil, or if the smoke from the fired round exits through the chamber or ejection port, instead of the end of the barrel.

What makes a squib load so dangerous is that if it isn’t noticed immediately and another round is fired before the bullet obstructing the barrel is cleared, the next shot can cause a catastrophic failure of the firearm.

That means the gun could essentially explode in the shooter’s hands, causing significant injury or death to the shooter and any bystanders who are close.

Concealed Nation has shared a video of just what can happen if one suffers a squib load and doesn’t clear it before firing another shot.