When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And Emotions.

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By: Courtney

What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And Emotions.

This simple guide is based on his ideas and will help you to identify your nails’ shapes, as well as describe what Mangin believes they could reveal about your health, personality and emotions. Read on and see if you agree with what your nail shape says about you. Will all be revealed? We can bet that you are peering at your fingernails with anxiety or expectation right now!

13. Very Long Nail

Do you have overly long nails, despite the fact that you don’t seem to deliberately cultivate their growth? We’re not talking about artificially enhanced fingernails, either! Mangin believes that an overly long nail is linked to low energy conditions such as depression and lethargy. What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsHe also says in these cases there may be a loss of muscle tone which in turn can cause weakness, wasting or digestive problems. Mangin also describes how more severe and genetic neuro-muscular conditions such as muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis could have an association with this nail condition.

12. Very Short Nail

Very short nails, on the other hand, reflect a person with naturally high energy levels. Perhaps you are a can’t sit still, always on the go, fidgety nail biter! You’re definitely a chatterbox, as this nail type would show in your personality through a lively and outgoing nature. What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsThis nail type is commonly found on a person who loves to communicate and especially to debate controversial issues. You adore a lively discussion, would not be afraid to contradict another person and could even be known for pronouncing judgement on each and every issue!

11. Square, Flat Nails

Mangin says that this nail shape could be a warning sign of heart disease, whether age-related or in a younger person. It could also show a tendency to conditions of the nervous system such as cramps, spasms or weakness in the tendons. What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsPerhaps you are a runner, wondering why you often get cramp attacks half way through your excercise cycle. Or maybe annoying leg cramps wake you up in the night? If you’re a woman with this nail shape, you may suffer with particularly bad menstrual pain and cramping and it could even be a sign of other problems in the reproductive system, particularly the ovaries and maybe therefore fertility issues.

10. Wide Nail Surface

Is the nail especially wide, such as the width greater than the height? Oh dear! Mangin says this can be a sign of an innately lazy person who may not be particularly interested in socialising with others. Would you laugh at anyone who described you as the natural life and soul of e dry party? Or do you subscribe to the belief that you’re not antisocial, just selectively social? What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsPerhaps, looking at it from a more humorous point of view, you would class yourself as a bit of an Eeyore in the Winnie the Pooh scheme of life. Mangin believes this nail shape shows an inclination to have an overly gloomy outlook on life. In health terms, there could be some tendency to weakness in the lungs. You might therefore find that you suffer with frequent minor breathing problems, coughs or just don’t seem to have much ‘wind’ and get easily puffed out when exercising.

9. Triangular Shaped Nails

Nails that have an extremely narrow base so that they are almost triangular in appearance can be a sign of hypothyroidism caused by a hormone deficiency. This condition can cause a wide range of health problems such as tiredness and fatigue, depression, feeling cold, weight gain, delayed reflexes and sensory issues as well as a distinctive difficulty in concentrating which is known as ‘thyroid fog’. What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsThe character trait of the triangular nail is that of a rather nervous and critical personality, perhaps a person who lacks confidence and over compensates by finding fault in others. This kind of personality might also have a tendency to blaming all kind of circumstances instead of taking responsibility for the things that go wrong.
Mangin says that a triangular nail which is also sunken and unnaturally pale in colour might be a sign of cerebrospinal conditions that could affect the spine and brain.

8. Trapezoid Shaped Nails.

This nail shape can be recognised by a wider base and a narrower tip. It’s a strong looking and distinctive shape, but unfortunately Mangin believes that this nail shape is particularly linked to a psychological condition known as mythomania, otherwise known as pathological or compulsive lying. What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsThese people have a need to make up elaborate fantasies which seem to serve no real purpose contrary to the conventional ‘white lie’. They may be aware they are doing it or could even genuinely believe the fantastical though not completely implausible things that they say. The condition tends to come and go, apparently being brought on by episodes of severe stress. We do bandy the phrase ‘compulsive liar’ around freely as an insult, but it’s rare that a sufferer will use their condition for benefit. If anything, a sufferer may have a background of abuse which the syndrome can be related to. It has also been suggested that the condition has links to false memory syndrome.

7. Spatula Shaped Fingertip with Wide Nail

This is a rather awkward looking finger shape, where the tip of the finger resembles a spade or a spatula and also features a very wide nail. What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsIt should be easy enough to identify however, as Mangin believes that where this is seen on the thumb it is a sign of a particularly observant person! Otherwise, there are no particular characteristics of note and fortunately no health areas of concern.

6. Narrow and Tight Nails

A narrow nail, almost resembling a small slit or sliver of nail on the nail bed, is said to be a sign of a predisposition to skeletal weakness and in particular age and dietary related conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis. What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsSo you might want to look carefully at your diet if this is your nail shape, as it’s well known that a healthy diet and specific dietary supplements can have a protective benefit. On the other hand however (no pun intended! this is a fortunate nail shape for character traits, as this person would tend towards a well balanced nature with plenty of natural nervous energy and vigour!

5. Concave and Convex Nails

I. Concave

The concave shape is an inwardly curved nail, like the bowl of a spoon. At the milder end of the scale, this nail shape could have an link with nervous disorders. What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsHowever, if the shape is especially exaggerated, Mangin believes it could show a genetic predisposition to alcoholism or other mental disorders causing a breakdown of the ability to function well and productively in society.

II. Convex

What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsConvex nails, curved outwards like the underside of a spoon, are believed to show a person who has a delicate respiratory system. If your nails are especially convex you might, for example, have a tendency to suffer more frequent coughs, colds and sore throats than other people, especially in the winter months. Mangin suggests that these people should take particular care of themselves in cold, damp weather.

4. Olive Pit Nails

This is an unusual nail shape. The nails are oval with with narrow bases and tips that look like the shape of an olive pit or stone. This nail shape could be a sign of a weak cardiovascular system and poor arterial health. You might have circulatory problems such as blue tinged fingers, lips and toes or puffy, swollen ankles. What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsIn terms of feelings and emotions people with olive pit nails may have a nervous character and personality type – so best not to jump out and surprise them! Unfortunately for the owner of this nail shape, Mangin also links it with type II diabetes.

3. Sharp Curve and Point to Nail Tip

A sharply curved and pointed nail tip is not perhaps the look that most people would want to cultivate – unless you are a nocturnal blood-seeking personality! What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsThis type of nail, Mangin believes, is linked to chronic health conditions such as asthma. It could also show a tendency to chronic kidney or lung conditions or even heart disease. Mangin doesn’t however have any personality characteristics that he links to this nail shape.

2. Ball Shaped Nail

This unusual kind of hemispherical nail shape resembles the curved glass dome covering a clock face and is very uncommon. What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsMangin believes that, as with the curved, sharply pointed nail tip shape above, it also has a link to kidney and lung conditions, although in this case with an inherited genetic basis. Perhaps the toxins that the kidneys clear from the body are not well processed, leading to blockages that cause abnormal blood flow to the nail bed and affect nail growth.

1. Brittle, Flaking Nail Tips

What Your Nails Say About You: When Nails Reveal Your Feelings And EmotionsThis final condition is not linked to the shape of the nail itself and can be found in any nail shape. In many cases, dry and flaking nails may have an environmental cause, for example, reflecting excessive use of detergent products which remove the nails’ natural oils or frequent application and removal of nail polishes. It’s a good idea to wear protective gloves when gardening or washing up, if you suffer from this condition. You could also try a good quality hand cream, remembering to apply it frequently such as after hand washing and before bed when it has a good opportunity to sink in and work overnight. You could also try an olive oil soak to help with the condition of dry nails, as well as considering your diet. Supplements such as cod liver oil can be especially beneficial to both nails and hair.

Alternatively, it could be a sign of problems with the endocrine system, which is responsible for the production of the body’s vital hormones such as those which regulate the production of oils in the skin and nail bed. Nails that are brittle and break easily could, Mangin believes, be also a sign of health issues in the cardiovascular or reproductive system.