When You Hear What This 94 Year Old Grocery Bagger Got On His Last Day, You’ll Be Shocked. Tissues!

Arthur St. John is a 94-year-old bagger at a grocery store, but after 22 years of carefully and cheerfully arranging family meals in brown bags, his job had come to an end. Arthur was one of the many grocery store employees that were either laid off or had their hours cut. But when Arthur showed up to collect his last paycheck, there was another one waiting for him. This check was for $7,166.  It was given to him by the many customers that he blessed at the grocery store with his delightful service.



When customer Bonnie Gervais asked for Arthur one day and learned that he was laid off, she and her teenage son kicked off a fundraiser to help their favorite bagger out. The response was more than they bargained for.


Many of the donors that gave to Arthur were customers that had experienced his kindness at the end of the check out line.


“It is always a joy to see Arthur at the end of the conveyor belt. He is always so sweet to my little son,” wrote one customer.


“I’ve been shopping at the Stratham store just a few years longer than you’ve been working there and I’ve always enjoyed seeing you and appreciate your courtesy.” Said a fellow co-worker.


“Arthur cried two or three times. He was very appreciative,” said the assistant store director Dean Clevesy. The money will help to ease the burden of Arthur’s bills. But he still can’t help himself and wants to get back to work. It seems as if Arthur wants to spend his entire life bringing smiles to faces.


Check out Arthur St. John’s thoughts on this situation:



Colossians 3:17 

Source: Sunny Skyz