Your Loved One August 18, 1989


I know your hearts are sad today,

For your loved one so quickly taken away.

I wish there was something I could say or do,

But grieving is something the body must go through.

Now you are feeling so much pain,

For nothing will ever be the same.

But only a shell in the grave will stay,

For his spirit and soul went to Heaven straight away.

And you must know down deep in your hearts,

That his memory, of and to you, will always be a part.

Our life, from God, is only a loan,

And God decided it was time for your loved one to go back.

You are not telling your loved one Good-Bye,

But “So – Long until we meet in the sweet bye and bye”.

It will be hard not to be sad when about him you talk,

But try to remember, he has started his eternal walk..

So try not to be too sad, But for his situation be most glad.

I’ll remember you when I pray to my Father above,

That He will reach down and hold you in His arms of love.

Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

                    August 18, 1989

          In loving memory of Larry Richey,

          who was called home August 16, 1989