I know you’ll miss your Mother,

Now that from this world she has passed.

But now she’ll be with your Father,

And in Heaven she’ll be happy at last.

For these last few years have been really hard,

And on you have left their mark.

Not on the outside, where others could see,

But deep down in your heart.

You’ve felt so helpless and been so sad,

Because there was nothing you could do.

But you wanted to help, oh so bad,

That it hurt you through and through.

Now, at last, there will be no more pain,

No longer will your Mother hurt.

Nothing will ever be the same,

Now that your Mother has started her Heaven’s work.

So you must not be lonely or sad,

Now that she is gone.

But remember the things that make you glad,

To help you get along.

I hope this helps to ease the pain,

Even if only in a small way.

For right now I’m feeling some of the same,

And this was all I could do or say.

With Love,

Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)

In memory of Alice Linville, who went to her Father on June 2, 1989.

This poem was published in Listen With Your Heart by Quill Books.