Your Shoes Can Tell Your Age

I was a doubting Thomas. Just reading it, I didn’t see any way if could work and actually tell my age. I will do the math right here. I copied the chart or problem from Facebook.


Kelly Bagnasco

You have to try this, it's really cool and really works!!! :D</p>
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I’m going to share right here. Now to work the problem.
My show size is 11. 11 X 5 = 55
                                 55 + 50 = 105
                                 105 x 20 = 2,100
                                  2,100 + 1,014 = 3,114
                                  3,114 – 1952 = 1,162
The first two digits are the size of the shoes, which in my case is 11.
The last two digits are my age, which in my case really is 62.
No way not to be a believer now. The answer speaks for itself in this case.
Now comes the fun. I have to go forward to next year when I will be 63. Being the age that I am, my shoe size is obviously not going to change. So if I plug in all the same figures, I will still come up with my age as being 62 even though I will actually be 63. I can’t help but to wonder which ONE, or if ALL of the figures have to change for it to come out correctly next year.
I hope that this will show up again  next year after I turn 63 so that I can compare the two charts and see what number(s) change(s).  If by chance it does show up again next year, I will repost the challenge to make sure it does come out correctly. If it does come out correctly, then I will repost this chart also so that they will both be on the same post and can be compared. This is going to be fascinating to see what happens. If there is anybody out there that knows of a chart with different numbers, please PM me or email me at with the other chart. Then I will work the problem from the chart that is sent to me and see what happens. So readers, stay tuned and keep following me to see what happens.